London still best European city for business

Other European cities which offer a climate conducive to business include Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Geneva.

13 November 2008

Once again, London tops the best European city for business in 2008 although second-ranking city Paris is closing in on the gap, according to the annual European Cities Monitor released in October

The UK capital ranks first with a high score of 0.80, while Paris and Frankfurt come in second and third with scores of 0.57 and 0.32.

Each score provides a comparison with other cities’ scores and over time for the same city. The score is derived from the nominations for best, second best and third best.

Brussels leaps from sixth to rank fourth this year. Barcelona takes fifth place, followed by Amsterdam and Madrid.

The Swiss cities of Zurich and Geneva both move up, with Zurich overtaking Geneva in 2008 to take 10th position.

The European Cities Monitor, which is drawn up by Cushman & Wakefield, is based on the survey responses of senior executives from the top 500 companies in Europe across 34 cities.

The monitor takes 12 criteria into account; availability of qualified staff, easy access to markets, customers or clients, the quality of telecommunications, transport links with other cities and internationally, cost of staff, the business climate created by governments, value for money of office space, languages spoken, availability of office space, ease of travelling around within the city, the quality of life for employees and freedom from pollution.....