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Thread: The Morality Of Hatred

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    Post The Morality Of Hatred

    by Peter Anthony, Guest Columnist

    In an age where perception equals reality, the enemies of our race have thrived on their portrayal of our cause as one of "hate" and "intolerance" for far too long.

    Knowing the natural propensity of humans to gravitate toward the positive rather than the negative, our enemies, in this topsy-turvy world, have succeeded in calling the good bad and the bad good, and have achieved a monumental propaganda victory by getting the vast majority of the public to believe it.

    By simply stepping forward (through their control of the media, churches, and other outlets) and declaring what is moral and what is immoral for all the world to hear, they have seized the moral high-ground on all societal issues, especially those dealing with race and culture; consequentially all those who wish to be moral will seek to obey what has been dictated from on high, not knowing or suspecting that the source of that information could be flawed or motivated by something other than goodwill.

    Unfortunately, most people have not developed the adequate hindsight necessary to understand how today's morality has changed from that of history; that indeed most of the famous people of history, from Plato to Thomas Jefferson, would be considered far from moral by today's societal standards.

    There can be no greater morality than that of the survival of the white race, and yet this is the first age where those who espouse this viewpoint are widely viewed as evil and immoral... haters. Seventy years ago, a politician had a hard time getting elected in the South without Klan support. When the Klan marched, they marched in broad daylight down the streets of major cities to the cheers of an adoring public. At a rally today, fifty or so Klansmen need police protection from the hundreds and thousands of jeering fools. While this has much to do with the declining state of the overall quality of our movement, it also reflects the sheer magnitude of the change in societal values.

    The white races, more than any other, historically have been the creators, the developers, and the sustainers of civilization, of culture as we knew it when, across Europe, vast cathedrals pierced the sky over great cities where white men and women carried out the struggle of their daily lives by striving to make them better through innovation, invention, and plain hard work.

    They worshipped the God of their forefathers, and knew that they were the apples of His eye - a light unto the nations and the standard bearers of all that is good, decent, and right. In short they built a world, from the ground up, using nothing but their minds and their work hardened hands. They spread from sea to sea, then across the sea and back again. When Magellan circled the earth and Cortes conquered the Aztecs with a handful against thousands, while Gutenberg was inventing movable type so the Bible could be read by millions - others were ensconced in the same primitive, aboriginal state of life which existed thousands of years before.

    The truth is not hatred, but the truth. In an age when chivalry was the norm, when behemoth castles dotted beautiful countrysides brimming with bountiful harvest, nothing was more sacred than honor - nothing more priceless than to be counted among the Godly.

    Today - we have lost our very souls. Today we are shadows of the men we once were. Instead of going West, we go to the nearest Blockbuster and watch a movie about it starring some Jew. Instead of being men we cower like dogs, wondering all the while how our chains came to bind us. Instead of being real Christians we fawn and prattle over some Judeo preacher with a slick tongue, stuffing money into his sold-out pockets while he tells us to love and support those who hate the very name of Jesus Christ.

    The creed that conquered the heathen is now the petty religion that slavers over filthy, Christ-hating Jews, all the while asking for money to buy a new Cadillac for some fat televangelist. Who are the real haters of God? Who are the real haters of justice, of honor, decency, courage, and morality? Perhaps it is not only the Jew...

    We are a noble race, a race of philosophers and theologians, from Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoras to St. Paul, Peter, Clement, Ignacius, Justin and Origen. We are a race of inventors, from Hero of Alexandria, da Vinci, Edison, and Bell to the computer pioneers of the modern day. We are a warrior race, from Alexander the Great, Hannibal and Scipio, and Julius Caesar to Washington, Napoleon and Rommel.

    All these we are, and more. To lift up our accomplishments, which would take volumes uncounted, is to in no way impugn the accomplishments (or lack thereof) of another. To regard our achievements with awe, pride, and the inevitable desire to increase upon them is, in fact, the first step to the betterment of our world because it displays a commitment to truth in this age of lies and deceit.

    If the white race, this race of warrior-priests, philosophers, artists, and inventors, has been responsible for drastically increasing the standard of living of virtually all of the world's populations, then what morality except pure unadulterated evil could justify her extinction? In truth, the moral high-ground is ours - and it is our responsibility to persuade others of this.

    Am I called a hater for loving my family more than the family of another? If I prefer my wife over another, does this mean I hate all other women? And yet this is the logic our enemies often use when they accuse us of hatred for loving or preferring our racial family more than another. They know that it is up to us, those who subscribe to a more traditional view towards race/culture and society, to change the public perception of our struggle from one which seeks to destroy to one which will continue to build that grandest of High Cultures - the Aryan culture.

    The enemy has taken this noblest of all ideals, that of the preservation of God's creation, and turned it into something twisted and evil. They have taken what is perfectly natural and right, the innate propensity of people to prefer their racial kindred, and called it 'hatred' and 'bigotry.'

    Now, if one is a hater for hating evil, then count me among them! There are not enough haters of vice, sin, and evil in this world. Would not the architect of a grand palace hate the man who brandishes the wrecking ball too soon? Would not the father hate the man who rapes his daughter? There is nothing wrong with hatred, if properly placed, but on the whole our movement is not and never has been about hatred. It is about building a new society based on the natural and historic order of things. Justice, the inevitable consequence of Aryan rule, will occur without the useless fog of fury which clouds the mind in times when a clear mind will be needed the most. Indeed there is a thin line between hatred and justice.

    Thus, our message must always focus on the positive. The future of the world depends on the survival of the white race. Understanding this, it is imperative that racialists begin to rethink their motives, arguments, and overall ways of thinking when dealing with those volatile issues, and start to regain the moral high-ground which has been lost by the endless waves of enemy propaganda. They must understand and communicate to others that our movement is not about unjust hatred, but a love for our own; not about destruction, but building; not about death, but life; not about immorality, but a Divine morality summed up in an intense love of God's creation and a desire to maintain what was good and right in the beginning.
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    Post Damn good article Einsatzkommando!

    Very, very, good article and it makes me think about things quite a bit. It is true, for me anyway, that I do have heaps of hate to go around, I get the point though, that overall it is more about love, the love of ones own race and about how we need to change things within or the "hate" will totally consume us, making the lemmings observations seem true. I have a lot of anger and with good reason. Knowing the truth and dealing with a lot of disapointment especially from my own race, the lemming factor and about a billion other things.

    Good post Bruder!

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    I'm really dissapointed with most of my race for just laying down and letting this happen. They have gotten so weak. What happened to the strength of our race?

    We need to have as many children as possible and raise them to be strong and brave.

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    Yes it is disappointing. I think most of them think that they can save themselves if they either have enough money or suck up enough to the muds. The experience of Haiti, Rhodesia and South Africa should alert them to our real fate if we don't stand and fight.



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    Funny that everything bad invloves a Jew, looks like they just can't keep their large noses out of everyone's life. They've gotta have a synagouge everywhere they go. They've gotta have a management position everywhere they go. Otherwise they'll send those Jewish terrorist groups after you(like they did in Hong Kong).

    To give the other side of history, the revisionist side--to give voice to the voiceless millions of dead victims of Jewish Communism--is regarded as "hateful" by the vain Zionists who demand for themselves the right to vomit forth a daily barrage of sewage upon the sacred memory of our grandparents and ancestors. To defend against the dishonoring of our heritage and our ancestors, is surely not hate; it is the right of self-defense against psychological warfare.

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    Post Question for Einsatz...

    I see Anthony reprinted at NAAWP. My questions are...

    Does any one know him?
    Does he write regularly?
    Can we get reprint permission?

    ...on the look out for sound authors, past and present.

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    Personally I had never of him prior to this article which I got from someone else.

    As for reprint permission, no idea.


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