Manifesto for the protection and the safeguarding of sacred places

We are members of a committee which will present a manifesto for the protection and the safeguarding of sacred places ( places of worship, important forests, necropolis...)

This manifesto will ve presented in French and English in order to be able to be taken over on the European level.

For that and to support the fight for the safeguarding of Broceliande wood- threatened by the construction of a dump - the presentation of the manifesto will take place on February 2nd in Broceliande during a day " around Broceliande : Role and meaning of sacred places"

3 conferences are planned as well as an exhibition about the protection of sacred places in the world, a press conference for the presentation of the manifesto and a ritual open to all.

Many artists, elected members and journalists will be there.

Save your day and be all welcome to support these actions.

Today, the members of the committee are
- the C.E.L.T (founding organisation)
- the ODET
- the PFI
- the international Druidnetwork
- the Association of Safeguarding of Broceliande
- the Association the Workshops of the Sydhe
- THe nemeton Lugernos
- Apple Branch France

As well as different associations which defend traditions and heritage, foreign groups which have already succeeded in the defense of sacred places in their countries or are in the same process as us.

The manifesto will be signed by groups, druidic orders, associations - some of them will be contacted for it in an international area-.
All representatives of groups or different associations which will to take part in this action can contact us at

A petition will be online before the end of the week for private individuals.

The Blog where will soon be published all news and the progress of the project, extracts of the manifesto, links to the petition, the meeting place... is at

The Petition: