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    Sinn Féin

    The Sinn Féin political party and the IRA

    GARDA (Rep. of Ireland Police) COMMISSIONER Drew Harris insists he's standing by comments he made last week about Sinn Féin and the IRA.

    Harris caused controversy when he said that Garda "does not differ" from the assessment of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) that the so-called Provisional Army Council - the decision making body of the IRA - oversees Sinn Féin in some capacity.

    In effect, Mr Harris agreed with Fine Gael and Fianna Fail's accusations that "shadowy figures" control Sinn Féin, which serves to explain why both Leo Varadkar and Michael Martin say they will not enter government with Mary Lou McDonald's Sinn Fein party.

    "I’ve no regrets and I think my comments were entirely clear so there’s no need for a clarification," he told reporters at a policing authority meeting on Wednesday," Harris said. "I would never engage in political interference and my comments require no clarification. "I think it’s obvious that I do stand over those comments," he added. "I outlined [position on Sinn Féin and the IRA] on Friday and I have no intention to further clarify or amplify those comments. "As Garda commissioner I did provide the position of An Garda Siochana."

    The (Police Service of Northern Ireland) PSNI's assessment that the IRA "strategically oversees" Sinn Féin comes from a 2015 report, which stated that the Provisional Army Council still existed, as did the Provisional IRA (PIRA), though in a smaller form and committed to the peace process.

    During the recent election campaign, Taoiseach (PM) Leo Varadkar asked: "Why doesn't McDonald disband the Army Council and the PIRA or if she cannot, repudiate them and sever all links and do so publicly and unequivocally?"

    Irish Post:Garda Commissioner says he has 'no regrets' over comments about Sinn Féin being run by IRA 28 II 2020.

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    Sinn Féin surges since general election to commanding 15-point poll lead

    A NEW OPINION poll has seen a dramatic surge in support for Sinn Féin since the 8th February general election, putting the party 15 points ahead of its nearest rival.

    The Behaviour & Attitudes poll on behalf of the Sunday Times puts Sinn Féin on 35% support, up 10 points on the party’s result in the general election three weeks ago.

    The party won the most amount of votes in the 8 February election but today’s poll suggests a significant increase in support since then.

    Fianna Fáil have fallen by two points to 20% in that time and Fine Gael have fallen by three points to 18%.

    The state of the parties is as follows:

    • Sinn Féin 35% (+10)
    • Fianna Fáil 20% (-2)
    • Fine Gael 18% (-3)
    • Greens 6% (-1)
    • Labour 3% (-1)
    • Soc Dems 2% (-1)
    • Sol-PBP 3% (-)
    • Aontú 1% (-1)
    • Ind/Other 10% (-3)

    The poll also measured the popularity of the main party leaders in the country, with Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald the most popular figure with a satisfaction of 53%, up 13 points on the previous poll in the series.

    Fianna Fáil’s Micheál Martin is the next most popular leader with a satisfaction rating of 31% (-15) followed by Labour’s Brendan Howlin 29% (-9) and then Leo Varadkar 27% (-8).

    Since the general election, Sinn Féin
    conducted a series of meetings among their supporters throughout the country and has been attempting to build support to lead a government.

    McDonald yesterday cautioned Green Party leader Eamon Ryan that going into government with Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael would be a “mistake”.

    Sinn Féin have been speaking to left-leaning parties as part of efforts to form a government but Dáil arithmetic suggests two parties out of Sinn Féin, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael is likely required to form a stable government. Both Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have ruled out speaking to Sinn Féin about government formation and the two parties are instead planning to hold a one-day policy seminar together in the coming week.

    In fairness tho lads I’m all for sin fein… I can’t wait to get everything for free … cos as much as I’m not a fan I do like the idea of getting a free house, car, food and maybe we could get rid of those pesky multinationals and their durty non Irish money …

    sf and their pie in the sky promises to the gullible will be terrible for Ireland and the economy

    beating boys with bars and murdering civilians on the streets of Omagh, etc. is not what republicanism is about.

    By Christ you’ll do what the army council says and vote for SF.

    Sinn Féin surges since general election to commanding 15-point poll lead

    01 III 2020.

    IRISH POST: Less than 30% of Northern Irish people would vote for a United Ireland

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    Harmless tree hugger or IRA boss?

    Gerry Adams with a supporter's baby at a rally called in support of the former Sinn Fein President on July 16, 2018 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

    The Supreme Court found Adams was detained in prison without a fair trial
    , but few in Britain will be concerned about this victory for the eccentric Republican figurehead who hugs trees and loves teddy bears.

    You’d be sadly mistaken if you presumed Gerry Adams’ historic legal victory on Wednesday will make much difference in the grand scheme of things.

    The former Sinn Fein president has had two convictions for attempted escapes from the Maze Prison in 1973 and 1974 – which saw an additional four and a half years added to his sentences – quashed by the Supreme Court. It deemed the original detention “unlawful” because his intern without trial had
    not been “considered personally” by the then-Northern Ireland Secretary, Willie Whitelaw. Perhaps it would be a very different narrative today if the British government had accepted liability of their own volition, but they allowed Adams’ case to drag on for 10 years. And they themselves had to be dragged – almost kicking and screaming, just like when Adams himself was illegally interned – into their highest court in the land, before five judges who ruled in favour of the Irishman.

    UK getting off lightly

    Boris Johnson’s government is getting off lightly here without any substantive embarrassment, because there are more pressing matters at hand as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s a headache for them, but any compensation forked out to Adams will be a bitter pill to swallow.

    The only risk this has of blowing up further is if there’s a tidal wave of other prisoners in the same boat as Adams, which would put a stain on the image of Rule Britannia. This is a possibility, because there are up to 2,000 other Irish men and women who were held“without due process.” As Adams states, “The onus now is on the British government to identify and inform other internees whose internment may also have been unlawful.”

    But don’t hold your breath. I genuinely don’t believe the English give a flying fuck about the Six Counties. My view is backed up by a new YouGov survey that highlights how “half of Britons do not care if Northern Ireland left the United Kingdom.”

    It would be much different now if Jeremy Corbyn was PM. There’s no doubt he would have made a big song and dance about it, because Adams is his friend. Tony Blair – thanks to his mother being from Donegal – is the only British leader in living memory who cared about the North in any meaningful way. The Loyalists are in denial if they think otherwise. The reality is that the English ‘snowflake’ generation wouldn’t be able to pick Adams – with his hippy long grey hair and matching beard – out of a line-up if they had to. They have no idea about his backstory, which is hardly surprising because their lack of Irish knowledge is “shocking,” according to leading academic Joan Redmond.

    A bogeyman for some Brits

    Yet for older generations who remember how the IRA targeted mainland Britain, this doting 71-year-old grandfather – the elected face of the Republican movement – will always be the personification of evil. They only stopped bombing England because, as I once observed in my Irish Sunday Mirror column, “The Provos understood it was a real game changer for guerrilla warfare when the world was left horrified by the sight of two planes plunging into the Twin Towers.”

    Over the years, I’ve witnessed a much softer side of Adams, having conducted several in-depth interviews with him, and my impression couldn’t be further removed from his old warlord public image. I’ll lay all my cards on the table here: I was born in Dublin and am a non-practising Catholic. But I am not a Nationalist per se, because I have serious reservations over reunification, which you can read about here. I am, therefore, in a position to speak about Adams without any political partisanship. He is an eccentric character, to put it mildly. One example – and you might not believe this, but I have the taped interviews to back it up – is that he told me he likes to embrace trees to help “calm” himself. He explained: “My theory is this: the tree gets its energy through its bark. If you get a big tree – and the tree is maybe 150 years old and [has] been there for a long time – it’s quite powerful. It will withstand wind, it will withstand drought. So, it’s the energy going up the bark of the tree. If you hug it, you just get a sense of calmness. Try it.”

    Even more amazingly, Adams somehow managed to persuade Tony Blair to hug a tree. “It was during a fairly frantic talk. Tony Blair said, ‘You’re not serious?’ And we were in this big English estate, in one of these stately homes, and I said, ‘No, just try it’. And he tried it. And that was the big breakthrough in Irish-Anglo relationships,” he earnestly told me.

    Teddy bears and chocolate

    There are other bizarre tales, too, such as his enthusiasm for collecting teddy bears and taking them to bed. He once tweeted that two of them, Tom and Ted, were in a same-sex relationship, before announcing their engagement. Then there’s his addiction to chocolate and his admission that he dreams about Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, and his authorship of a recipe collection entitled ‘The Negotiators Cookbook’. I’ve always enjoyed his weird sense of humour but felt the recipe book was in bad taste, considering 10 of his comrades died during the 1981 Irish hunger strike.

    There’s no doubt that Adams’ outlook on life changed after he survived an assassination attempt, and the man I got to know – with his constant cheerfulness and perpetual beguiling smile – is more like “the boy who didn’t grow up,” as it was once suggested.

    It’s hard to believe this is the very same man who was allegedly the leader of the IRA – ordering countless deaths, including Jean McConville, a 37-year-old widow with 10 children who was executed over claims she was an informer.

    Adams has always denied being in the IRA – not because he wants to disassociate himself from it, but rather because, as he once pointed out to me, he would be arrested if he ever admitted to membership of an illegal organisation. The furthest he would go was when he told me: “For better or worse, I’m in a leadership position, okay? So, I accept responsibility.”

    Time for the truth

    I feel the past can only truly be laid to rest if there’s a ‘Mandela-style’ truth and reconciliation process in Northern Ireland, with Adams and others guaranteed immunity from prosecution. It’s the only way we will get most of the answers and find the remaining ‘Disappeared’ – those abducted and killed during the Troubles.

    The English also need to come clean about all the blood on their hands here too – such as framing innocent people, their shoot-to-kill policy, and helping Loyalists plant bombs in Dublin and Monaghan.

    It’s time to stop sweeping everything under the carpet. And it’s also about time the English started taking an interest in Ireland again. A good place to start would be by teaching schoolchildren Irish history, because as the 18th century Irish statesman Edmund Burke said,“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”

    All occupation forces everywhere have the same problem and solve it in the same way by shooting and hanging. Create fear and divide in the same way every government does to control their own population. You don't really need a big force to do that as long as they operate coordinated in a way civilians never do.

    For those in power, people are just guinea pigs and cannon fodder. Their goal is always total control. Those in power in England want to control the Scots the Irish or any other occupied territory, in the same way as they want to control the English.

    We, the Loyalists, especially love Northern Ireland, and are the MAJORITY of the population of NI proud to be British and part of the UK. We hate the cowardly IRA TERRORISTS who blew up 100s of innocent women and children and Adams was clearly actively involved. Disgraceful pro-republican article trying to bury his hands which are covered with the blood of 100s of others. Not to be forgotten.

    Harmless tree hugger or IRA boss, Gerry Adams’ vindication matters little – the English simply don't care about Northern Ireland
    15 V 2020.

    Whistleblower Ian Hurst By Liam Clarke – 21 December 2011
    Half of all senior IRA members in the Troubles were working for intelligence services, a secret dossier of evidence into the murder of two RUC men has claimed. Also in this Section The remarkable document has laid bare a startling series of claims about the infiltration of both the police and terror groups during the ‘Dirty War’.

    'One in three Provos was a British agent'

    UP to 30% of the IRA's membership were on the payroll of British Intelligence. That's the startling claim made by intelligence expert and author Nigel West. West - the former Tory MP Rupert Allason - suggests that, in the run-up to the IRA's 1994 ceasefire and the peace process that followed, a staggering one-in-three Provos was working for the British. West claims they were being controlled by the shadowy intelligence unit the Joint Services Group (JSG) and its forerunner, the Force Research Unit (FRU).

    British Intelligence ran the IRA
    British Intelligence ran the IRA Fri 11:49 pm +00:00, 8 Feb 2013 1. blogged by Tapestry. From Toad Hall . As in all wars, the powerful fund, arm and orchestrate all sides. It’s the only way they can create wars, which are their most profitable business. The Soviet Union was funded from Wall St from its beginning to its end. The Taliban is funded from Pakistan, a US Government client. …

    EM: There's a whole untold story of the peace process in the latter years of the IRA's existence in relation to the influence of British intelligence – to what extent that was exercising any sort of influence in the direction that they were taking: Were they assisting? Were they initiating? You know all these questions are quite legitimate questions in the face of the knowledge that I have learned about the level of infiltration of the IRA during the early years, up to the early years of the peace process and my understanding is that British intelligence's own estimate of the degree of infiltration of the IRA by the early 1990's was that one out of every three members of the IRA was working either for the Special Branch, RUC Special Branch, for British military intelligence or for MI5...

    “as head of British intelligence, you ... - Slugger O'Toole
    04/04/2016 · You know all these questions are quite legitimate questions in the face of the knowledge that I have learned about the level of infiltration of the IRA during the early years, up to the early years of the peace process and my understanding is that British intelligence’s own estimate of the degree of infiltration of the IRA by the early 1990’s was that one out of every three
    Read the whole thing.

    When the Loyalists made an assassination attempt on Adams the SAS saved him.
    Draw your own conclusions - freedom fighter or paid British agent.

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    DUP MP criticised for stating BBC's Songs of Praise was ALL BLACK

    A DEMOCRATIC Unionist Party (DUP) MP is facing criticism after he described a special gospel edition of the long-running choir TV series Songs of Praise as “the BBC at its BLM (Black Lives Matter) worst”.

    East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has been accused of “race-baiting” and making “irresponsible” remarks in reaction to a Gospel Singer of the Year edition of the programme. The episode, which was filmed at Gorton Monastery in Manchester, was fronted by a black presenter and included three judges and five semi-finalist all of black ethnicity. Writing in a lengthy Facebook post on January 31, the Northern Ireland MP wrote: “Just watched BBC TV Songs of Praise which this week was Gospel Singer of the year semi final. This I'm afraid was BBC at its BLM worst. “There were 5 singers, all of them black. There were three judges all of them black and one presenter who incidentally was, yes black. “The singers were all very good but can you imagine an all white line up with an all white jury and presented by a white person? No I can't either.”

    His remarks drew strong condemnation from the North West Migrants Forum who, along with several other organisations based in Northern Ireland, called on the DUP member to “withdraw his ignorant and insulting post” and issue “a full public apology”. In a statement they said: “It is both astonishing and shocking that Mr Campbell watched this deeply moving edition of Songs of Praise, full of love and praise for God, and saw only skin colour. “Is he uncomfortable watching a programme where Black British people and culture are celebrated centre-stage? Did he think the BBC was racist when other programmes – night after night, decade after decade – only featured white people? “We call upon Mr Campbell to provide any evidence that the five singers were there on the basis of anything other than their obvious skills, or that the three judges were selected for their skin colour rather than their expertise. “Mr Campbell's statement is not a trivial matter; it is deeply irresponsible. It is deeply worrying that Mr Campbell can confidently display such clear bias, apparently without fear of challenge or accountability. “Given his role as an elected representative and public servant, Mr Campbell's statement cannot go unchallenged; the potential costs are too high. “Just weeks since the horrific attack on the Belfast Multicultural Association, it is alarming that a political leader thinks it appropriate to use this kind of race-baiting to secure some sort of perceived political advantage, regardless of the consequences. “Black and ethnic minority people are not ''other''; they are equal citizens in an increasingly diverse country, including in Mr Campbell's constituency. “He needs to withdraw his ignorant and insulting post and make a full public apology to the Black and minority ethnic community of his constituency and beyond.” They called on DUP leader to sanction Campbell over his remarks and ensure he is “held accountable for his words”. The statement added: “As First Minister, Arlene Foster is responsible for advancing this vision. As Mr Campbell's party leader, we expect her to ensure that he is held accountable for his words. “Failure to do so will mean the words of that Executive vision will ring hollow. Meanwhile, we commit ourselves to challenging racism and building a society that fully respects and celebrates diversity.' “

    Responding to Campbell’s remarks, Sinn Féin MLA Caoimhe Archibald revealed she would be reporting the comments to the House of Commons. She wrote: “Gregory Campbell's disgraceful comments don't reflect the views of vast majority of the constituents he'd purport to represent. “Racism, systemic & explicit, needs challenged every opportunity. I'll be reporting this to standards commissioner in HoC. @dupoline need to take action.”

    Irish Post:
    Northern Ireland MP under fire for describing Songs of Praise gospel show as ‘BBC at it’s BLM worst’
    19 II 2021.

    "Did he think the BBC was racist when other programmes – night after night, decade after decade – only featured white people?"

    We complain that the BBC pushes muticulturalism in inverse proportion to representation. UK is still 80% White but television gives the mixed race portion 80% coverage when they make 20% of the population.

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