This is a thread for every Aryan man & woman, despite whatever creed they might have established or pseudo established already, yes its time for a self re-examination……….

I call it an introduction to your proud ancestry…

It is my strongest believe, that our Aryan minds has been slowly modified over time…
We have also been genetically and physically modified and degenerated over time,
Mainly cause of migration, immigrantion, globalisation, extinction…

In order for us to identify with our proud roots (as we do already, just by being Aryan Nationalists)
We must separate the entangled historical confusion to get a clearer horizon,

Many things have been twisted, on both sides, and many sacred rites and ECT. Have been historically decomposed,
Sometimes all we stand left with, is our descended Teutonic intuition of what is a fair self realization, And what is fair self-representation,
and what is and what is not to be claimed as fair,

I guess this lays
In the realm of consciousness deep in every worthy Aryan man…. I must admit I often (especially as growing up) been evolved in alot of self-speculation and I have not always been so firm and secure in my Wisdom as I am now!
Indeed I also think its important to question your self and contain opposite elements,

It is my believe we descend from early civilizations which then descended from even earlier
Primitive clannish constitutions, which descended from even more primitive tribes,

If you keep going far back, you will find the greatest men…the men of honour...the leading men containing both savageness and warriorness with instincts of self preservation but also family preservation and therefore also tribe preservation… they contained love and kindness to their folk,
Some of these archetypical tribes men, we decent from.

A lot of people, have been jealous at our Aryan might, and tried to deceive us, where we came from we never met so sophisticated tricksters, we knew them from the Nordic myths, Like Loki for example, but sophisticated trickster among us Aryans was something seen rarely, call it naive, but we expected same virtue from strangers (mostly southern people) as we expected and had experienced for decades in our surrounding Nordic folk….

We can always discuss what could have been the biggest trick pulled on the Northern Teutonic’s,
But in my opinion it was the teaching tenets of self-dissociation,
I call it the Jewish misanthropy = the denial of man…the denial of mans nature,
The denial of what we really are!

One of the endless differences on Christianity and Heathendom is that Christianity is monotheistic, it means one God only, while Heathendom = Nordic mythology is polytheistic which is of cause the opposite of monotheism,

Polytheism is more democratic in many ways, and has a more wide scenery of gods represented,
There were so many Nordic gods, I cant even mention them all, and many are not even talked about in the myths, they all represented different elements of man, and there were female gods as well, representing all the known elements of females as well,

the Nordics gods were very different,
Just like we know from mankind, we have weak people we have strong people,
We have people with good memory, dumb people, smart and tricky people, simple and vague people and ect.
The whole human repertoire are basically represented in the Nordic gods and the following mythology,

In Judea religion for example you find a lot of misanthropy, and self denial, many things are called sins, many normal things, things like preserving your race through "mating" is a deadly sin, things like eating more than you have to, to stay alive is a deadly sin, to care about how you look is a deadly sin, to kill is a deadly sin, killing is normal and have always been normal among animals, I see no reason for denying my self, if I feel hate that is what I do, if I feel love that is what I do, the only person which is going to be at your side from birth till dead, is your self, so you better start learning that person better than you might do.

Judea believes are so smart and manipulated figured out, so they knew that a “non emotional guilt provoking monument” and “carnal-related dogma” could never be followed, so they related restricted elements to the most basic things in man,

All things which are normal are basically denied by this man-made God = ”the key pious dominator”
is your own unconsciousness, the advocate of Christ is your own insecurity, I mean how brilliant is that thought out? (Its very sneaky and psychological thought out) just like we see the Jews today, a sneaky coward people...

What has happened is that some Germanics has taking over Jewish religion designed for Jewish Semitic filthy people, and they passed for hundred of years these teachings on to other Germanics, so they from birth thought this was normal to feel this way (= Jewish indoctrination) its not normal and the reason you feel torned is cause your healthy side is Aryan and your other side is polluted by guilt provoking Judea Doctrines, trying to control your freedom by telling you to turn away from the truth,

Jesus was a Jew,
His teachings but most of all, other people teachings in his name, is fundamental Jewish,
The great weakness we witness in Christianity is also a typical conduct of Jewish mentality,

You could say these Germanics have been lead astray, and everywhere they turn, there is no help. Cause their surroundings are also conformed after this Jewish agenda,

All These people know deep inside, they still are seeking, and this is a good sign, its Odin calling for you…

It can be very hard to realise that the Jewish made god (orginally called YHVH) is not the right way to turn…. but there are strong Germanic brothers standing with open arms welcoming you. If you choose to walk up the rainbow to Odin’s fortress…

There is only one way for True Germanics…and that is with their original peoples gods,