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Thread: Have you felt a connection to your ancestors?

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    Question Have you felt a connection to your ancestors?

    This was inspired by Gagnraad's Connection to Nature thread.

    Have you ever felt a connection to your ancestors in a personal or impersonal way? Connection to one specific ancestor, or all of them together as a whole?

    I was recently debating with Lissa and I recalled one evening where I had quite a few friends over at our house. We were having a few beers and playing some video games, when I started to get a pretty bad migraine. I figured I'd ignore it but to no avail. I decided to head to bed but allowed everyone to stay since it was still early. They would not be quiet and the loud sounds only made my head feel so much worse.

    So as I lay in my bed I began to try and close off my mind from everything. I got to thinking about my great-grandfather, who bought and lived on this land long before me. I tried to meditate and think about him and was asking him to help me with my pain and the loud noises of my friends.

    Not too long after this the power in my house flickered on and off to the bemused protests of my friends. They proceeded to turn the TV and video game console back on and resumed their noisiness. No less than 3 minutes later the power flickered again, and did so 3 more times, effectively ruining my friends good, albeit noisy, fun. After the 5th time they packed it up and left, leaving me feeling that much better.

    An hour after they left, I had no feeling of pain in my head and felt, quite possibly, the best I have ever felt.

    This is the only the 2nd time I have experienced something so odd. The 1st time was also a time of great (physical) pain for me and I needed the help of something, anything and every time I remember my great-grandfather it feels like he's there, somewhere, in my head and heart helping me when I need it.

    Well that's my story, sorry if I was long winded. Anyone else felt anything in the same vein as me?

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    Einzelgänger, it sounds like a good experience you had. What I pictured as I read your dscription was that your great-grandfather was by your side and your Fylgja. I will try to remember my experience and will write about it later.

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