Klubb Super 8

Filmklubb med inriktning på svensk och internationell kultfilm och exploitationfilm i genrer som skräck, science fiction, kung fu, blaxploitation, spaghettivästern, sexploitation, europeisk action och mondofilm, från 30-talet t o m 80-talet.
At our film club we screen exploitation/cult movies (on 35mm and 16mm) from all over the world. The film club has screened hundreds of exploitation movies during the past decade, in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Växjö, Sweden.
The film collection consists of 250 hard-to-find international (and Swedish) gems on 35mm and 16mm from the 1930’s to the 1980’s, in genres like sci-fi, horror, spaghetti western, Asian martian arts, blaxploitation, mondo movies, sexploitation, European thrillers, Italian war movies, and more weird stuff. Klubb Super 8 can provide these films to festivals and film clubs, preferably introducing the shows ourselves.