I have a U.S. Army cookbook dating from World War II. For convenience, many of the recipes used canned vegetables, in quantities of, e.g., 40 number 1 cans of stewed tomatoes. The recipes seem to have been intended to supply a large mess hall holding about 600 men.

I found that many of the recipes work very well for home use if all of the quantities are merely divided by 120, 150, or 300, depending on the number of servings desired. For home use, though, #1 cans are a bit unmanageable.
Some recipes involve whole sides of beef or whole sheep carcasses, which are likely to prove a bit unwieldy in the average home's kitchen.

Obviously, the number of cooking pots required depends on their size. It's absurd to use 20 pots to make Brit's Mulligan stew. THINK BIG ! Eight 8-gallon stockpots would easily do the job. They weigh only about 65 lbs. each, full, and can easily be handled by two men.