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Thread: Borreby: Origin, Evolution and Legacy

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    Post Re: Classify this skull

    Quote Originally Posted by Frans_Jozef
    It seems it's HYPSICEPHALIC:
    Possessing a length-height index of 62.6 and over on the living; high headed.

    High-headed -- that's what I was looking for.

    Thanks for adding that word to my vocabulary nonetheless.
    "slavic" languages are absolutely arteficial (Read "slawenlegende"). The "glagolica", invented by a bunch of monks, is nothing but an ancient esperanto, creating new words, definitions and alphabet out of regional slangs.

    The craddle of European Civilization comes from the North. All blond people originate from the north. So if you see a blond-blue eyed Slovene, Russian, Czech, Polak ect., you can be 100% sure that his ancient ancestors originated from "Germanics" (Germanic = Nordic).
    "slovenja" was the settelment of the Langobards = Germanics/Teutons. "Poland" of the Goths and East-Vandals ect. ect. What do "slavs" tell us about their origin?
    Some silly story that they originate from some swamps in the east and popped out of no where into history.

    So you see my dear "Gorostan" [=Triglav], you are in reality a "Germanic" indoctrinated with panslav propaganda and historic fantasy stories. ~Dr. Brandt, former TNP and Skadi member

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    Post Re: Borreby: Origin, Evolution and Legacy

    Quote Originally Posted by Frans_Jozef
    Indeed, the origins of the Alpines lay even more far back in prehistory, i.e. the Middle Paleolithic, serologically related to the Nordics and the Dinarics, all three have been named as successors of the Neanderthal people.
    Borreby emerged in Northern Europe, somewhere in the middle neolithic, but I cant find precise dates and in its true form closer to Alpines and Dinarics than you surmise; most Borreby seen as UP are as matter-of-fact brachycephalized Faelids and Bruenns.

    Are borrebies associated to Ahrensburgian culture in N Europe?

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    Post Re: Borreby: Origin, Evolution and Legacy

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Solar Wolff
    Coon thought Afalou-bou-Rummel, "Mechta" was a UP from Europe+Capoid which re-immigrated into Europe in Mesolitic/Neolithic times. He discusses Schweinhurtenkultur along with it. BUT, has anybody seen any genetic evidence that Borrebys are not as fully Euorpean as any other European population? I have not. If this is true, then it means Borrerby is just a UP varient. Coon also says the Irish UP type is half-way between Bruenn and Borreby making this European origin even more probable.

    The Oberkassel male has a more than passable resemblance to the Afalou types.
    The vault is largely rounder as the whole skull, it doesnt reveal that special dome-like feature of the Mechtoid's vault that could be in an imaginative twist be described like a hill whereby the top is flattened; a feature that recurs in some Bell Beaker Dinaroids.
    Oberkassel is however leptorhine and has a jutting nose bone, unlike the North Africans.

    Curiously, the implication stated by Hooton of some crossing between Capellids and Neanderthals in the examination of the Mechtoids, is more likely fullfilled in the Oberkassel specimen.
    At least, on a post-cranial level, namely in a barrel-shaped chest and forward bowing of the femur; otherwise in stature(172.4cm) and length of the limbs neanerthaloid survivals are not invoked, nor does he look specifically adapted to a cold environment("arctic" features).
    Bonnet mentions the absence of fossae canina, but other documents keep silence on this issue.

    The objects found around him are related to the Magdalénian phase(a piercer with stilized animal head), nothing that somehow could make out of him some early Ibero-maurisian or Mechtoid who wandered before the Capsians into Europe.
    UP+Aterian blends produced on both sides of the Mediterrenean similar types, and an early stream of Solustréans fled out southwards and mingled locally with descendants of Herto(who btw looked as an overgrown but uncommonly flat-nosed Veddoid; his skull wasn't so much different to Jebel Irkoud and to be honest, some Neanderthals had identical skull Hooton and coon were both right, but the UPs cross-breeded with a more advanced type that not entirely made it to step over the species threshold dividing Neanderthals and pure sapiens, if ever such a division really existed...), which explains the more flattish noses, could be bounced as too fancifull and assuming too much.

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