Not that i read this newspaper, but this article was in the uks daily tabloid "The Daily star"

A town was in uproar last night after the goverment branded people there "too white,too British and too thick".

Whitehall chiefs sparked an outcry with thier searing criticism as they switched 90 prison service posts from corby,Northhants,to nearby leicester where there are more ethnic minorities.This letter was "leaked" and in it ,Ann Beasley, who is thePrison service director of finance and one of Home secretary John Reids top civil servants claims Corby has to many white Brits.

Mrs Beasley also suggests that Corby Folk are not clever enough for the jobs (buying equipment for the prison service) because 17% of people in leicester have degrees,while only 9% have them in corby.
This is blatant Racism in my eyes there is a vote line in the newspaper headed "Is this a racist attack on "white British people" (0901 031 1521) or text DSVOTE A to 82100) .For what its worth.I am amazed imagine if the shoe was on the other foot!