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Thread: Swedish Trawlers Fishing in Åland Archipelago Game Preserve

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    Swedish Trawlers Fishing in Åland Archipelago Game Preserve

    Swedish trawlers fishing in Åland archipelago game preserve

    The Finnish Coast Guard stopped two Swedish trawlers fishing in an area south of Kökar in the Åland archipelago where the fishing of Baltic herring is forbidden.

    The Coast Guard vessel Uisko spotted the trawling and escorted the vessels to Mariehamn on Tuesday for further investigations. On Tuesday evening they were allowed to leave Mariehamn.
    The foreign fishermen are suspected of violating the Fishing Act of the province of Åland. The incident is being investigated.
    In the semi-autonomous Province of Åland, there are two game preserves for Baltic herring under the jurisdiction of the provincial government. The areas where fishing is forbidden are in the northern and southern territorial waters.
    These two areas are spawning grounds for Baltic herring.
    The trawling of herring and sprat is prohibited in these waters at least until the end of the current year.
    Previously fishing for herring used to be periodically strictly restricted in the waters off continental Finland in order that the catch would not exceed the country’s fishing quota.

    The province of Åland did not have any seasonal restrictions, but the provincial government has set up certain preserves every year where herring are protected.
    Currently, there is no off-season for herring fishing in Finland, because the quota is adequate for present fishing.
    In 2007, Finland has a quota of 82 million kilos of Baltic herring for the Gulf of Bothnia, and another quota of 29 million for the Gulf of Finland and the northern Baltic Sea.

    Herring is being fished by some 40 to 50 vessels in Finland, while the majority of the quota is caught by a dozen or so trawlers.

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    Herring in the isles should not be off-limits from personal, subsistence fishing, only for commercial purposes. Nobody should be denied the means to feed themselves, using their own efforts.

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