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Thread: The Nordish Portal Forum Has Merged with Skadi

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    The Nordish Portal Forum Has Merged with Skadi

    As you may have known, Loki decided to close the Nordish Portal. Upon learning of this decision, we offered to preserve the information on tNP by merging it into Skadi. Loki agreed to hand us the database, and we imported and merged it into Skadi's.

    I'm sure there are a lot of questions and concerns, so I'll try to answer the most common ones here. Anything that hasn't been addressed in this thread you can contact me or Thorburn directly about, and we will do our best to address them.

    What Exactly Has Been Integrated?
    Everything on tNP minus the staff sections, private messages and the non-Germanic sections (such as tNP Finland/Baltic/Slavic).

    Accounts, E-Mails & Passwords
    If you held an account on both fora, and were a prominent/active regular, it is highly likely that the accounts have already been merged. We kept your Skadi account, so use those details (username, e-mail & password) to log in from now on. If for whatever reason you should prefer to revert to your tNP account details, you can modify your e-mail address and password via the user control panel. Let us know if you prefer to change your username. Now we've tried to merge most of the accounts, but if you chose different usernames, it's possible that we missed yours. In that case, please let us know and we will merge them. There are also a few accounts with the same username that we didn't merge, as we weren't entirely sure that we were dealing with the same person. In that case, your account might appear as imported_username. Again, let us know if you are the same person, in which case we will merge. Otherwise, we can change your username to something else.

    If you held an account on tNP, but not on Skadi, your account has now been imported into our database. You can log in with the same details that you used on tNP. If you should prefer to change them, you can do this via the user CP.

    If you only held an account on Skadi, you should be largely unaffected.

    Should you experience any problems logging in, please use the email password option in order to reset your password. If you cannot remember your email address, please use the contact form, specifying your username and new email address there. We will send you a new password and reactivate your account.

    Join Dates
    If your accounts have been merged, your join date has been automatically updated to the earliest possible one, regardless of the destination account. So, if you e.g. joined tNP in 2005 and Skadi in 2007, your join date will now read 2005, even if we kept your Skadi account. If you prefer your join date to be updated to the one on Skadi, and you can remember this date, please let us know and we can modify it for you.

    Profile Fields
    Due to the import and non-corresponding profile field IDs, some profile entries from tNP are gone. You will thus have to edit your profiles and update your information.

    Posting Histories
    Where merged, post counts have been updated. So if you had e.g. 500 posts on tNP and 1000 on Skadi, your total postcount should now read 1500.

    Private Messages
    Due to privacy and security reasons, we did not import private messages from tNP.

    Due to the import all reputation points from tNP have been lost. You are now back to your reputation level on Skadi. Users who were not Skadi members currently have the equivalent reputation level of new members, i.e. 10 points. We can manually enter your reputation points from tNP if you let us know the amount, however we can unfortunately not restore the comments.

    If you donated to tNP in the past, we will add you as a funding member on Skadi as well, so that you may enjoy sustaining member privileges. We've tried to add all funding members but it's possible that we missed a few accounts. Please use the contact form or PM us to let us know and we will rectify this. If you had an active subscription with tNP, you must cancel it.

    Unless you were a staff member on both fora, we did not transfer staff positions. If you were staff on tNP and wish to apply for a similar position on Skadi, please let us know and we will consider. However, please consider that while Skadi and tNP had similar orientations, Skadi is overwhelmingly dedicated to Germanic heritage. Our mission, rules and moderation style may differ from what you were used to on tNP.

    Non-Germanic Members
    If you were a non-Germanic member of tNP, your account has been grandfathered into Skadi. If you are interested in Germanic matters, you are welcome to post here. That said, please understand that Skadi is a forum focused on all things Germanic. While we allow a certain number of non-Germanic members, we expect from them a certain level of courtesy and understanding towards our community and mission. Non-Germanic accounts are governed by rule 1(b).

    As tNP and Skadi had slightly different membership criteria, excepting the case of a few known trolls, we did not inherit its ban list. If, however your account was banned on Skadi and not on tNP, this ban may still be active. You may reach us via the contact form if you'd like to appeal. Let us know your reasons and we may consider lifting your ban.

    N.B. Our policy is not to delete accounts and entire posting histories. If for whatever reason you are not happy with this merge, don't ask us to delete your account and all your posts. When one posts on a forum, copyright to forum posts and other information becomes property of that forum and its owner(s). If the owner decides to transfer or give the database away, copyright is also transferred. Please try to understand this. We are however willing to remove any sensitive or personally identifiable information, in case you have privacy or security concerns. In this case you may send us a list of the concerned posts and we will gladly remove those.

    Thank you.

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