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Thread: Parks service airs fears over Kosciuszko wild horse culling

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    Parks service airs fears over Kosciuszko wild horse culling

    Parks service airs fears over Kosciuszko wild horse culling


    The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service is concerned over an apparent culling of wild horses in the north of Kosciuszko National Park.
    Two brumbies have recently been shot dead at Long Plain near the Snowy Mountains Highway.

    The national parks service's Tumut regional manager Steve Horsley says it is the first time such an incident has occurred within the park.
    "We're very concerned that someone would shoot wild horses in this popular area of the park, particularly as they seemed to be using a particularly high powered rifle," he said.
    "They weren't shot in a very humane manner either, so I'm pretty disappointed on the fact that people would decide to do this inside Kosciuszko National Park."

    Wild horse numbers in the park have risen by 15 per cent a year to 1200.
    Mr Horsley admits they are going to have to be removed, but says a wild horse management plan is being developed for Kosciuszko.
    "They are impacting on vegetation because of grazing pressure, but probably of more concern as well is as the creeks are running fairly low there's quite a bit of damage along stream banks."

    Mr Horsley says meetings have begun to discuss reducing horse numbers and that may have sparked the shootings.
    "I'm not sure whether somebody's trying to add fuel to that debate at the moment, but what we're looking at is developing a wild horse management plan for the whole of Kosciuszko National Park."
    "There are various views on wild horse management. You have some interest groups who believe there shouldn't be any wild horses in the park, while some people believe we shouldn't do anything with that population."

    The national parks service is considering trapping and removing the horses, as has occurred with almost 200 taken from the Thredbo region in recent years.

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    They are an introduced species here and do alot of damage, and as it says they will eventually be removed anyway, so why are they upset?
    In my opinion its because the private shooters are taking work away from them!
    They could actually make money from getting private shooters to remove horses but instead will use millions of tax dollars developing complex trapping and shooting plans. And to think I may be joining these guys ina few years

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