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Thread: Aurvangaland: Cradle of Our Folk

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    Aurvangaland: Cradle of Our Folk

    I was re-reading "The Nature of Asatru" and came upon an interesting section called Aurvangaland, which I must have passed over before.

    The author puts forth the idea that the Teutonic race originated in the Skåne region of Sweden (also called Aurvangaland). That in the lore of all the different Germanic tribes this place was considered the holy urheimat (original homeland). According to some sources this was the place where our ancestors believed Ask and Embla were created from trees by Odin, Vili, and Ve. This was also the place where Heimdal came to Midgard to teach the arts of civilization to Odin's folk. Apparently the oldest settlement in Scandinavia, Mölleröd, is in Skåne as well.

    So one could say that Aurvangaland is to Asatru what Palestine is to the Judeo-Christians, greatest of all odal lands.

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    Very intersesting! I think allot of Folk have over looked this or at least the name of Aurvangaland. ("The Land of Clayey Plains," the southernmost portion of the Scandinavian peninsula).

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