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Thread: Irish coonlet wins stars in their eyes

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    Originally posted by HELLSTAR
    Was it published by the beatles?

    still making fun of my music x_lol

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    Originally posted by NordischesBlutundEhre
    The IRA is Marxist today, but you don't think the British government is?
    I did not mention the British government. What they do is their affair. You need to be British or Irish to take sides on the question of the history of Ireland. Anyway I am not taking those sides.

    I raise the question of the coonlet because it seems to me that competitors in international events are often if not usually not proper representatives of the countries where they live.

    Look at any "national" football team; how many are African? And just what is the point of the Olympics? So many events are just Africans against Africans each with a different flag and "nationality"!

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    Arsenal FC is a classic example of niggers in sport.

    In all honesty how can any white person support a team that has so many niggers it should be called "Congo United"? I friggin hate Arsenal and that Arsene Wegner is friggin nigger lover of the first order!

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