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    Age of Steel

    Cybermen nightmares

    They're back ... evil Cybermen


    THE RETURN of Doctor Who’s arch enemies the Cybermen is set to terrify viewers, says series mastermind Russell T Davies. The emotionless, mechanoid monsters who many Time Lord fans rate as evil equals to the Daleks are back in a two-part special on BBC1 May 13 and 20 at 7.15pm.
    In The Rise Of The Cybermen and Age Of Steel, an evil tycoon played by Only Fools And Horses star Roger Lloyd-Pack, plots to turn the Earth’s population into robotic drones with the help of earphones and mobile phone signals.
    Naturally, the only ones who can save the planet are the Doctor, Rose and Micky played by David Tennant, Billie Piper and Noel Clarke.
    Russell, the show’s chief writer, said: "I don’t think that it’s as scary as the werewolf episode but it is quite chilling and the factory where people are turned into Cybermen is quite dark and noisy.
    "However, we are always very careful that we don’t show blood or things like skulls being split open. We are always careful about that.
    "We aren’t interested in terrifying kids for the sake of it. We don’t want parents to stop them watching it as they are a major part of our audience."

    Cybermenace ... machines take
    on Doctor Who and assistant Rose

    It’s 40 years since the Cybermen first appeared in the show and Russell resisted attempts to update them too much.
    He explained: "We could have used CGI to make them more lethal and faster but we wanted to keep them as menacing metal men clanking through the streets."
    Tom MacRae who penned the episodes, added: "Their presence is incredible. They are scary as they look like zombies. Kids will be terrified."
    Creating the 21st century Cybermen involved putting 10 people into new look plastic suits.
    Russell said: "They could take off their face plates easily and they are the first Cybermen who can turn their heads. But they had to wear huge dressing gowns over the costumes to keep themselves warm.
    "They couldn’t sit down in the suits and I’m not sure how they relieved themselves, I think they had Cybermen thongs with a flap included!
    "Last time they appeared in the 1980s I think they used boiler suits but you can’t do that now."

    Robot wars ... killers try to brainwash people

    Their re-appearance will re-open the debate over whether the Cybermen or the Daleks are the scariest Doctor Who monsters.
    Noel Clarke said: "I was always more scared of the Cybermen because of their shape and their lack of emotion. You just want to turn Daleks over and put salt in them."
    Russell said more classic Doctor Who monsters will appear in the third series.
    He said: "We’ve done the big ones but there could be a couple more monsters returning next year."
    Favourites for a return could be crippled Dalek chief Davros and the Ice Warriors.


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