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Thread: Morrissey boycotts Canada

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    Morrissey boycotts Canada

    Morrissey has vowed not to play in Canada in protest at the country's "barbaric and cruel" annual seal hunt.

    The singer called for a boycott of Canadian goods, joining the growing list of celebrities speaking out against the cull, in which baby seals are shot or clubbed to death so their skins can be used in the fashion industry.

    He said the argument that the hunt - which got under way on Saturday - was necessary because it provided work for local communities was flawed, adding that building Nazi gas chambers had also provided jobs.

    Canada was currently ranked with China as the "cruellest and most self-serving nation", the outspoken former Smiths frontman added.

    Earlier this month Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills McCartney visited baby seals on the ice floes in the Gulf of St Lawrence where the hunt is now taking place, branding it "a stain on the character of the Canadian people".

    Pamela Anderson has asked to meet Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to discuss the hunt. ()

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    Lík börn leika best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morissey
    building Nazi gas chambers had also provided jobs.
    eyes: Nazis and gas chambers... uhuh.

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    Such garbage. These people are the self serving ones.

    For starters the seal population is not in any danger. It has been continuing to grow despite the seal hunt.

    Secondly, it is a hunt and it is not a cull. People like to use the term cull because it sounds bad, and because it focuses on the argument that some make that the seal are killing cod and we need to stop them. The problem is that the vast majority of people who support the seal hunt know that this is untrue and simply support the seal hunt as an ecologically sound source of income for Atlantic Canadians who have experienced some of the hardest times and lowest quality living of any part of the developed western world. Environmentalists just like to pretend that everyone supporting the hunt believes the seals are responsible for declining ground fish stocks. They like to pretend that because it's easy to disprove.

    Thirdly the club and hakapick is another negative stereotype that is not properly understood. For starters 90% of the seals taken each year are taken with high power rifles. Even if the club and spike was used to the degree that the environmentalists would have you believe it still wouldn't matter because it is humane. This talk of seals squirming in their blood on the ice after being clubbed is sensationalist. Of course they are, they're twitching like any animal does after it has been killed and the nerves start firing off. The blood on the ice is another sensationalist thing. If you went into a slaughter house and covered the floor in white snow you'd see the same thing.

    Fourthly, baby seals are not killed. They have not been killed for more then thirty years. The popular image of the cute white coat baby seal being clubbed is a lie. By law a seal cannot be harvested until it has molted into its grey coat. When this has happened the seal is now an independent. It no longer relies on or stays with its mother and it is totally capable of swimming. So all this talk of killing babies before they have a chance to swim is more false propaganda.

    Fifthly, they aren't just killed for use in the fashion industry. Their oil is used for a number of things, and the meat is also used. I live here, I can tell you that people DO eat seal meat. Even if it isn't sold, having a hundred pounds of seal meat in the freezer means a hundred pounds of meat that the family living on the poverty line doesn't have to buy.

    Another common argument against the seal hunt is that it only makes up 10% of most sealers annual income. What they don't understand is that if you have kids, a family, and are trying to scrape by on the poverty line with an annual income of $20,000 then 10% is pretty damn meaningful. I'd like to see Paul McCartney or Morrisey come to rural Newfoundland or Nova Scotia and try living under the conditions we do. If they're really so concerned about the seals why don't they sell their private jets and mansions and help out a few of us with the cash?

    The boycotts don't help anything. All they do is hurt us more. These boycotts are damaging our already fragile shellfish and fish industries and the people who are taking part in them have no idea what the reality of the situation is. We've already had our groundfish stocks depleted by bastards from Europe and Asia along with the companies from Ontario, Quebec, and America. Thousands of people have been put out of work and another factory closes year or so. Just now FPI is scaling back their Newfoundland operations even further.

    What has happened to the Atlantic provinces is disgusting tragic. When Canada was founded it was by the central provinces because they were languishing. They tricked the prosperous part of the country into it and then sucked us dry for more then a hundred years. Then in the 60's and 70's the rest of the world decided to get in on it as well. Since then we've gone from a self-sufficient and succesful economy to a borderline welfare state. Entire communities have been relocated to the cities to sit and wait for their pogey to come so they can buy their liquor and smokes. And then the rest of the world and this country has the nerve to tell us that we're lazy and self-serving and need to get out of it on our own. All the while they continue to hurt us. It's garbage. The day that the boycotts stop and we leave the vampire state that is Canada is the day we'll start to thrive again.

    Our way of life, our culture, our sense of pride and self-sufficiency, and our communities have been destroyed and been replaced by a choice of low income or emmigration. I'm sick and tired of this bullshit by people from away who don't know what they're talking about or what it's like to be born into a dying culture and region.

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