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This Guardian article for instance writes about this being the case both in Hungary and Poland, which both have a quite conservative cultural hegemony with strong ruling parties (to the point that even the Left attribute this hegemony to Orban's party and their success).
That's good news. Although, the article brings up some stats among young Poles: "Among men aged 18-30, 62% said they supported nationalist, populist or far-right parties and 33% backed liberal or leftwing ones. Among women, 55% supported liberal or leftwing parties and 43% were in favour of the nationalists."

Not a gigantic difference, but if only either of the sexes were to vote, it would tip the scale in opposite directions.

Even in the case of Hungary, I can imagine the slight female numerical advantage among voters for Fidesz can be explained by men voting for even more staunch Nationalist parties, like Jobbik.

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If you believe that voting behaviour is governed by what happens in the ballot box alone, then you're very naive. People tend to be scared to vote what their peers believe to be the "wrong" choice. There is, by and at large, more at stake for women, by risking exclusion from a social circle than there is for men - for biological and social reasons.
I am well aware that people internalize the self-image they project outwardly, but the question was whether or not people (or women, specifically) risk anything by going against this at the ballot box. They don't.

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I criticise women at the same level I criticise men when the criticism is on equal merit. Here it's not: Women naturally seek structural stability. If men are supposed to be those to afford that stability, then women breaking away from sensible politics in drones is more the fault of weak men than it is of women: if men "get stuff done" then the absence of "getting stuff done" is also their fault.
So it basically boils down to: women shouldn't have the vote, but it's all men's fault for giving them the vote in the first place.

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Turning the feminist logic around and pointing fingers about how women supposedly ruined all whilst men didn't have a part in letting all this slip won't help at all.
I, at least, have never stated that. Men have failed in a variety of different ways.

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Instead, they will just tend to vote with what seems to offer stability even if in it doesn't in the long run: Not getting raped & having your kids killed by the conqueror but instead being protected is what counted in the Stone Age and that's not only a long term question.
I'm not sure I understand your point. "Women vote for stability, even if it doesn't lead to stability"..?