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Thread: Should Women Have the Right to Vote?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finnish Swede View Post
    Theoretical discussion will not help/change anything (waist of time) ... and this kind of threorecial discussions? You will just loose more women ...
    Agreed. Although some theoretical discussion can be productive, generalisations like these have the potential to create a toxic atmosphere not to mention sow division among the genders. Especially lately there has been an increasing focus on placing women in a negative light, time and again. Again I believe this is just scapegoating, and it is becoming somewhat tiresome.

    So where is the point? To those who want to take women's votes away, there is a bigger, more important question: how exactly do you plan to do it? Better yet, I would be interested in your opinions on the following topic: Of course this question is also theoretical, however being in such a position is essential if you want to make ANY changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolgadeutscher View Post
    The National Socialists actually mostly excluded women from politics and many other professions, cultivating a model that was closer to traditional gender roles like the 3Ks (Kinder, Küche, Kirche) than to feminism and this "both sexes are equal" nonsense. NS policies undid the feminist emancipation that took place under the Weimar Republic, which they saw as Jewish/Marxist in origin. Women were generally not allowed to hold political positions within the NSDAP and were banned from the Reichstag. The few women who were involved in politics (Reichsführerin Gertrud Scholtz-Klink was the biggest exception to hold a function) dealt with women's issues and promoted motherhood and child rearing as a woman's primary task in life. Women's and girl's organisations as well as schools prepared them for this task (domestic skills training were taught for example).
    So there was no "total ban of women". They took care of a field they know best. What's wrong with that?
    The "ideal NS woman" would be grandma by the time they are 45 or 50, it's not that women drop dead then, but they have a lot of time and a lot of valuable life experiences to share.

    Hitler's secretary was a woman, too, Traudl Junge.

    Careers were a no-no for the ideal NS woman, who was given financial incentives to stay at home. Up until the war caused significant losses of men who went to the frontlines, women were banned or restricted from teaching in universities, serving in civil, judicial, medical professions, etc Some of the single women who worked were favored in nursing, childcare and factories. Women were also discouraged from pursuing university studies, as this would distract them from their natural roles. Universities had quotas of about 10% women's enrollment. The ideal role of a NS woman was to be a staying at home, faithful mother and spouse, she was to support her husband, as well as get involved in traditional women's activities such as cooking, child rearing and housework.
    The system also supported owning homes for families, paid decent wages to the men so women dont have to work, forced companies to pay decent wages and much much more.
    Nothing of which your beloved "conservatives" would ever do.

    Hitler saw equal rights for the sexes as a Marxist idea (which it truly is) and detrimental to women because they would be drawn in a zone where they could only be inferior to men and society as a whole, and hence weakened. Feminist and "women's rights" groups were banned.
    Why in Hel's name is this constantly mixed up? It has nothing to with each other whatsoever. Women were not "de-righted" under NS. They were fully human beings with inherent rights, and yes, duties, just like their male counterparts.

    Btw, talking of duties. When are you oh so conservative, traditional men eventually going to pick up the fight and defend our countries?
    Oh you dont. Of course. You rather play the blame game of the (((churches))) that all evil comes from women.

    Vanity was also discouraged, (again, rightly so), for example women were not allowed to wear makeup, trousers or any revealing fashion (like skirts above the knee).
    LOL? Have you ever actually seen pics of women in NS?

    BDM girly in muh, trousers:

    BDM girlies dancing:

    Oh, and Ms Eva being provocative:

    Just sayin...

    The best and most talented politicians have always been men, it is only natural.
    "Politician" is the most superfluous "profession" ever invented. Having "talent" in that field is maybe the same as being talented in "liberal arts theory"

    What a Volk needs really are leaders with Will and Visions and "dedicated servants" to the thus established system. Like the Kaiser said: I am the First Servant of my Nation.
    Not "politicians" with worthless degrees in whatever. Democracy, in all forms, is a clown show.

    Women's suffrage was one of the biggest mistakes in our history and it is continuing to cost us severely. It was women who campaigned for and brought in all this feminist, equality for all nonsense idea and extended it to other minorities.
    So, then, where did these "other minorities" come from? I wonder. Did women import them? Or were that maybe the "conservatives" (which, in the 19th century, was the party of landlords and big business, and still are, importing 'cheap labor' from elsewhere and exporting actual jobs to cheap labor countries abroad)? I would think it was the latter.

    The biggest mistake in history was democracy.

    And this is what you people dont get. Your beloved "conservatives" are just the other side of the marxist coin, but you chose to be blind to that and rather blame women. Everyone of you who sweep women all over the same brush do as (((they))) told you and continue the gender war. And it's this attitude towards women why the "nationalist" scene is almost void of women, those who accidentially drop in are driven away sooner or later by the sweep-accusation that all women are leftists, feminists, the bearers of all evil and what not. Stuff it, really.

    Btw, NS did away with all retarded suffrage, not only women's, because they did away with democracy. Unlike "modern" pseudo-nationalists, they honoured and loved women, and didnt blame them for all things evil. They created a societal frame where women could live according to their natural roles without ending up in poverty.

    Until women return to embrace their natural roles, our people will continue to suffer.
    Until men return to embrace their natural roles (ie defending our nations), our people will indeed continue to suffer.

    You see, it's quite some hypocrisy to demand women, in this "modern world", to fulfill their roles and duties against all odds, while men think their low paid 9-5 job entitles them to full service (in addition to the full service women give to children and their community), and themselves do nothing of the duties nature bestowed on them, like defending our nations, taking out the traitors and sacrificing their very lives to the Volk if needed. But you men are no longer ready to do that. You see, it takes two to tango.

    And this really is the main and only problem, that our nations are run by traitors and are being flooded with foreigners. Solve this problem, and most other problems will simply cease to exist. Dont solve it, and our race and nations will go extinct. Regardless of freaky incels blahing about "women suffrage".
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