Vrttin are Finlands internationally acclaimed contemporary folk music phenomenon. Formed in 1983 as a small girls group singing and playing kanteles, then rapidly expanding to a twenty-one-piece group before streamlining down to a ten-piece in 1990 and finally now a dynamic ninepiece, this exciting and groundbreaking ensemble, fronted by three dazzling female singers has produced ten albums, six of which topped World Music charts in Europe, America and Japan and one of which was certified Platinum.

Their distinctive and innovative style which draws on Karelian and Finno-Ugric runo and harmony traditions, has blown away audiences worldwide with tours in Japan, Australia, North and South America and all over Europe.

Listen to some sound samples:

- Tuulen Tunto
- Nahkaruoska
- Viikon vaivane
- Seelinnikoi
- ij
- Kivutar

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