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Thread: Best beer in the world brewed by Monks

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    Best beer in the world brewed by Monks

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Monks at a Belgian abbey have been forced to stop selling their famous beer after it was voted the best in the world and was promptly sold out.
    The abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren in western Belgium is home to some 30 Cistercian and Trappist monks who lead a life of seclusion, prayer, manual labor -- and beer-brewing.

    A survey of thousands of beer enthusiasts from 65 countries on the RateBeer Web site ( in June rated the Westvleteren 12 beer as the world's best.

    But the abbey only has a limited brewing capacity, and was not able to cope with the beer's sudden popularity.

    "Our shop is closed because all our beer has been sold out," said a message on the abbey's answering machine, which it calls the "beer phone."

    And the abbey has no intention of boosting its capacity to satisfy market demand.

    "We are not brewers, we are monks. We brew beer to be able to afford being monks," the father abbot said on the abbey's Web site.

    Monk Mark Bode told De Morgen daily: "Outsiders don't understand why we are not raising production. But for us life in the abbey comes first, not the brewery."

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    Well, I hope they keep their recipe in a nice, secure safe!
    The alcohol industry is vast and ruthless, and news of an ale as popular as that is bound to spread like wildfire.

    On a purely cynical level, if I proclaimed myself to be a follower of Jesus Christ, I would feel compelled to sell the brewing rights to the highest bidder, and invest the money in the needy of the world, rather than seal myself off in a beautiful place, spending the nights getting drunk and masturbating...

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