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Thread: The Northumbrian Runes

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    The Northumbrian Runes

    The Northumbrian runes (probably date from the 9th century) are an extension of the Anglo-Saxon runes, which in turn are an extension of the Elder Futhark rune set. The Northumbrian runes add 4 more runes to the Anglo-Saxon set making the total of 33 runes. Again due to the set up of the Anglo-Saxon runes, you may see this set also being referred to as the Northumbrian Futhork.

    Sound: "q"
    Stands for: Flames of a fire
    Casting meaning: This rune represents a process of transformation through fire. The spirit of a body from a person on a funeral pyre is liberated by fire. Cweorth refers to the sacredness of the hearth and ritual cleansing by fire.

    Sound: "k"
    Stands for: Offering Cup
    Casting meaning: Calc denotes the death of the individual, however it is not seen as a death rune. Like Ear, Calc indicates the natural ending or conclusion of a process. Do not view this ending as a termination, but as the end of an old era resulting in a spiritual transformation.

    Sound: "st"
    Stands for: Stone
    Casting meaning: Stan represents an obstruction in our path, like a boulder at the entrance to a cave. It also represents the stone playing pieces used in board games. Symbolically it represents a link between heavenly bodies and earthly beings. This rune can be used to obstruct and turn back any opposition in our lives.

    Sound: "g" as in "gap"
    Stands for: Spear (specifically Gungnir - Odin's Spear)
    Casting meaning: The Gar rune is a special one. Unlike the previous 32 runes in the Northumbrian set, Gar does not belong to an ætt. However this rune is said to be the center point of all the other runes in this set. It is also said to contain all the other runes in itself, making it a powerful and useful rune.


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    Though kalc does have a second form that looks like the gar rune with a vertical line going through the centre of it. This only appears on the the ruthwell cross and has been classified as calc doubled kk. I just wondered if you use this version of calc also.
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