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Thread: Cat Survival Trust

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    Thumbs Up Cat Survival Trust

    The Cat Survival Trust
    (For Endangered Species)

    The Cat Survival Trust was registered as a charity in 1976. Its original purpose was to promote the conservation of wild cats by breeding them in captivity and subsequently releasing them into suitable wild situations. Later it was realised that this was not the best way to go about conserving the animals; suitable wild habitat already had a population of cats and the habitat itself was disappearing with alarming rapidity. It also costs about £30,000 to release one cat into the wild and even then there is only a 15% chance that it will survive to breed.
    This led to a change of direction and to the creation within the Trust of a general environmental section known as The Earth.

    The Trust now concentrates on conserving the entire habitat where cats live. This is not only more cost-effective but involves the conservation of all the plants, animals and fungi that make up the ecosystem on which the cats depend.

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    Thumbs Up Re: Cat Survival Trust

    Good link, though a bit distressing to read the limited numbers of these beautiful cats.

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