Odalism - A Green Evolutionary Perspective

Odalism is a philosophy based on the organic bond between blood and soil. Odalism as such offers an approach that is both ecological, spiritual and at the same time a practical political practise.

Odalism contends that the domestic population of all ethnic homelands is unique in comparison to their surrounding - of which it is both a product and a vital component. The Germanic tribes of Europe represents a row of such unique biotopes, and deserves, just as the flora, fauna and the rest of the landscape scenery, the same protection and preservation in the name of the biological multitude and interest. This is the deep ecological and “green” perspective behind Odalism, an approach that asserts the organic and original bond between the blood and the soil - the bond between blood and odal.

The faith dedicated to the old Nordic gods was the ancient custom among the Germanic tribes, before the cruel enforcement of Christianity. With a creed of iron and its deep ecological approach; Odalism distances itself from the exploiting, thralling, egalitarian universalism which lies within this pernicious import product from the Middle-East. The Germanic folk soul, our metagenetics, finds its resonance in the ancient Nordic faith. Odalism offer the Germanic people of Europe a path to a spiritual reawakening - through the sacredness of blood and heritage.

The ecological and spiritual convictions of Odalism are supported by its realistic political thinking. Alain de Benoists work “Europe of a hundred flags” reflects our vision of a Northern Europe containg Germanic homeland, confident, secure and free.

We call this vision etnopluralism. As etnopluralists our mission is to save our people from the (ecologically) destructive multiculturalism. This can be secured by advocating a folkish nation; militant heathendom (1) and by all means the creation of the conditions which are needed for a re-establishment of a folkish self determination for ourselves and our entire Germanic brother folk.

Europe must, in the same way, be liberated from Christianity. Europe must heal it wounds by reconnecting the holy bond between the blood and the soil, by the practicing of aristocratic principals, and through subordinating it self to the inexorable laws of nature. This is the evolutionary perspective of Odalism.

Our goal as Odalists is not to gain attention through conventional party political work; but by reaching our goals in a long-term meta-political process. It is only through meta-politics - through the creation of a fundamental thinking and the gaining of Germanic hearts and souls - which we can start the long march towards the reawakening of our people; and to reach the total enforcement of the green evolutionary approach.


1. With militant heathendom we of course not mean any kind of violent para-military activity. The Germanic people is fundamentally since the dawn of time a people of warriors, who have seen the right of defence of the individual just as the people and the property - no only as a right, but also a obvious duty. Everything else is totally foreign to our blood. It is therefore both our duty and our right to preserve it as a part of our cultural heritage.