Our struggle will be either won or lost on DVD
- Yggdrasil

Welcome to the new Film Forum! (and thanks for letting us have it, Loki)

While I don't agree 100% with the above quote, I think it makes an important point. Thanks to the internet and the fact that DVD's have now a wide range of subtitles available, we are now in the position of freeing ourselves (and more importantly, our children) of the toxic influence of television and Hollywood.

When I asked Loki to create this forum, my idea was to concentrate mainly on reviews of films that are of interest to tNP members, as well as discussions of classic pro-White films. I won't object to any other topics either, of course, as long as they're film-related.

Please remember that the same rules apply here as everywhere else on tNP, and that the same high quality in posting is expected -- not that I expect there will be any problems. When discussing war films or films with an otherwise controversial content, please stick to the point, and don't allow the thread become a mudslinging match between members from two different nations. If someone is misbehaving, contact me instead.

Please, you are more than welcome to introduce films from your respective home countries, and any other films removed from the mainstream that you believe deserve attention. In these cases some info on subtitling and availability would be a good idea if possible.

And last but not least: out of respect for your fellow cinema lovers, if you discuss critical plot developments in your post, please include a spoiler warning of some kind.