The Real Mark-to-Market
by Takuan Seiyo

Various level-headed economic pundits have opined that the $700 billion Bailout cannot possibly succeed. It rescues the gold-plated and wafer-thin layer of malefactors instead of growing jobs, income and solvency for the middle class. It’s too little, too late, and vastly too much, most of it wasted.

And the Bailout approaches $2 trillion now. Except for dedicated pros, it’s impossible to keep tab on its total size anymore. It grows by several hundred billion dollars every week, in every sphere of economic activity. The latest at this time is a $150 billion tranche of jobless benefits, money for food stamps and a "tax rebate" - as usual, probably to those who don’t pay taxes.

But one can’t blame solely the Democrats for the economic debacle. With what President Bush and the GOP Congress (when it was GOP) have made of the country and its treasure, including in the banking and mortgage industry, one cannot.

The ‘08 elections are being contested by a man who is so tainted by anti-American poison that, if elected President, he would not pass a Secret Service background check to be his own bodyguard. But facing him is a Vietnam War hero and a civic coward, who pulls his punches, tiptoes around every truthful thing he might say, surrounds himself with what seem like double-agents who work for the other side, and amply deserves his berth in the Treason Lobby.

We are far-gone indeed. And the economic crash is a mark-to-market not only of our financial assets, but also of our fictitious weltanschauung.

To begin with, an economy based on consumption, borrowing and speculation rather than on production, saving and investment is a greater fool game bound to self-destruct. After all, Perot, Buchanan and Paul have diagnosed the illness correctly, yet the electorate went with the greater fools.

When a people is happy because every year toasters and curling irons get cheaper and shoddier, as do its jobs and cities, the rot goes deeper than Congress and Wall Street. Besides, a people that would give its votes to such a Congress, and its money to such a Wall Street, deserves to get them good.

When a man who holds an MBA from Harvard advises his nation to go out and shop on 9/12, something is wrong with Harvard. When the American Dream has morphed from having personal freedom, to owning real estate with no money down, something has gone wrong with American dreaming.

A capitalist system that has lost its cultural immunity to viral greed will have a hard time bailing itself out with the Fed’s printing press. If we still put in stocks and flogged malefactors who steal from widows and orphans, we could have been eminently bailable. But now we buy puts in stocks.

The three-card Monte that passes for the global financial system has long ago reached the stage where quantity becomes quality, yet we are trying to "cure" it with more quantity. The redoubtable Mogambo Guru has skewered this madness with the ratio of $1.125 quadrillion in outstanding derivative contracts (IMF figure) versus the global GDP of $50 trillion:
- - - - - - - - -
Only here, safe amongst gold, silver, guns, frozen pizzas and stacks of adult literature of the "Hot, Nasty Ladies" variety can I finally relax enough to calculate that to make this $1.125 quadrillion yield even a lowly 1%, it would take $11.25 trillion just to pay the interest! Hahaha! We’re freaking doomed! A quarter of global GDP is needed just to pay a 1% yield!

The Bailout will fail not because our hapless solons prevented the mark-to-market mechanism from working its cleansing magic in the realm of finance. It will fail because what our political and economic leaders are trying to bail out is a patched scarecrow of moral cowardice, ethical degradation, intellectual corruption and spiritual delusion - all papered over with fraudulent propaganda under which self-sabotage has been going on for decades on a scale unknown since the 4th century CE.

Because we have failed to do so, history has begun marking-to-market the inventory of bloated lies and threadbare pieties that we have flaunted as heirloom silver in the national Made-in-China china cabinet these past 40 years. From E Pluribus Unum to E pluribus hokum, or, as James Howard Kunstler wrote in 2006:

"The tragic part of all this is that we have become such a foolish and craven people, so lost in our endless victory laps, incessant self-awards, and failures of attention, that we will deserve everything that reality throws at us. We are past the point of being unworthy of our own history." [Clusterf**k Nation, January 8, 2006]

An overlord class of cultural and economic saboteurs is in control. Their Bolshevik predecessors wreaked havoc by exploiting differences between the classes, but the new breed has accomplished the same by exploiting differences between the races. And yet, the populace is Dancing with the Stars rather than dumping all the tea of China into Boston Harbor.

When two hundred million parents allow a caste of poisoned PhDs and their spawns in Teacher Ed. to make a triumphant Long March through all the nation’s schools, and from there on to the workplace and the Capitol and the movie theater, for 40 uninterrupted years, something is wrong.

Take a nation of Anglo-Saxon founding stock with girders made up of other European groups. Add -- through greed and imprudence -- a 10% black minority that will have proved mostly unassimilable even after 400 years. It’s not exactly vanilla ice cream, but it’s an interesting new product that has some advantages to it, perhaps most poignantly expressed one memorable evening at Carnegie Hall on December 16, 1893.

From that 1893 promise of Euro-America enhanced by black talent to, 102 years later, " Kill whitey all night long... a nigga dumping on your white ass; f**k this rap s**t, nigga, I’m gonna blast... I beat a white boy to the motherf*****g ground."

A culture cannot be left to the unfettered ministration of conscienceless pirates in the executive suite any more than the securities market can. Allowing this kind of venom into junior’s cultural portfolio does as much damage as allowing Bear Stearns’ High Grade Structured Credit Enhanced Leverage Fund into Dad’s 401k does. An economy cannot be bailed out that allows millions of terminal savages to wreck and terrorize its cities under the banner of "F**k Whitey". An America that sends its National Guard to bring peace and order to Baghdad and Kosovo rather than to Philadelphia and Cleveland cannot be saved from the mark-to-market of history.

A multi-racial and already redistributionist society can function properly only if the various racial and ethnic groups are left alone to contribute according to their relative advantages, with blind meritocracy allowing all to progress as far in life as their natural talents, application and luck allow within the strict frame of the Constitution.

Not "enough" blacks at UCLA? Leave it alone. Not "enough" Cambodians in the NBA? Let it be. Not enough lesbians in the Fire Department? Go engineer a fireproof skyscraper, not a difference-proof society.

As the bids on credit derivatives held by Lehman Brothers run 8.625 cents on the dollar, what is the mark-to-market value of the false inanities that have become the real currency of the United States?

Starting with demographics. Because of all the answers to any question at all that concerns the future of the United States, the most important is Demography is Destiny.

In 1965, America’s ruling class decided that the problems with the black minority were not enough. This almost-vanilla ice cream needed more Tabasco. A country that was the envy of the world in every material and political area and many cultural ones as well, began the wholesale importation of the Third World onto its shores at the rate of over 1 million per year, not counting illegals, refugees and asylees. So now the ice cream is 1/3 Tabasco, and in two decades it will be 50%.

One wonders whether the inspiration for this came from the great success stories of the multicultural late-Roman, Russian or Austro-Hungarian Empires. The enthusiasm did not abate despite the fate of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, Rwanda, Kashmir and Iraq. Conclusions were not drawn from the story of Belgium’s Flemish and Walloons -- two peoples of the same race but of different languages, cultures and earning potentials, thrown together by historical fiat 170 years ago and still mutually loathing.

In my home state that bestows the fruits of labor of its more productive citizens on the populations of Mexico, Honduras and 150 other countries, Registrars of Voters advise:

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It does not require a Federally-subsidized academic study to conclude that people who need such advice cannot vote but for another hombre or for pandering hyena politicians who feed on the flesh of their nation.

Wasn’t there something in Federalist #9 and #10 about the destructive tendency of factions? But to understand that doesn’t require the genius of Hamilton or Madison. It takes common sense at the level of a 14-year-old who has not attended an American school in the last 40 years.

You deluge yourself with the population of banana republics, you will be a banana republic. You take in refugees from fufu dictatorships, you are tying the millstone of fufu dictatorship to your neck. You cannot bail yourself out of that one by printing dollar bills.

And yet, our governing class with its brand name mix of venality, cowardice and stupidity, continues throwing giant gobs of money onto a recession that’s a diversity recession and that, ultimately, cannot recede except when diversity and the lies about it recede.

It’s time to end another deflationary fiction, about America’s education recession. Throwing several trillion dollars more on the bonfire of education cannot improve it. America already spends twice to three times as much on education per student as dozens of countries do that far outrank it in scholastic achievement.

American schools are failing because they are full of sub-85-IQ imported children from unassimilable minorities. The schools cannot improve as long as they are controlled by cultural Marxists who believe that equality in ignorance is preferable to inequality in enlightenment. The added bonus is that if you produce generation after generation of ignorant malcontents full of self-esteem, you will succeed as well in staging the rest of the Gramscian scenario.

A nation that makes a relatively trivial logical fallacy and social pollutant such as racism into the ultimate capital crime cannot possibly survive. For where reality dwells, racism is down on the list and stupidity is at the top. In Robert Heinlein’s words, "Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death, there is no appeal, and the execution is carried out automatically and without pity."

There were tragic consequences of unhinged racism for various populations in history, most notably Jews in the Old World and blacks in the New World. But the consequences of unhinged stupidity have been much graver throughout history, and America is just beginning to feel its own.

Racism neither must be unhinged nor are Jews and blacks immune to it, internally or toward outsiders. Anyone who has spent some time in any African country, or traipsed through Black Theology and Black Muslim websites, or heard in Israel what the Ashkenazim say about the Sephardim and vice versa, knows this.

Unless he has been stung by a liberal encephalitis mosquito, anyone who has spent time among the nonwhites in the US or abroad knows that, in its obsession with white racism, the American society of 300 million is engaged in a collective act of moral masturbation the like of which may have no precedent in history, excepting China’s pre-1976 cult of Mao and the EU’s cult of Islam.

The brainwashing of 40 years has sent America’s founding stock to cower in its ever-diminishing corners. The non-white, non-East Asian minorities march in a lockstep phalanx, smashing everything in their way with cries of racism and baseless accusations of discrimination. Now a crypto-Marxist "community organizer" will be elected, based on an uncountable stream of fraudulent nonwhite votes that just in the past week has resulted in these headlines:

* Alleging fraud, authorities raid ACORN in Vegas; canvassers filled out forms with fake names...
* Missouri officials suspect fake voter registration
* 4,000 ‘dead people’ found on voter rolls in Houston
* Thousands of voter registration forms [in Indiana] faked, officials say
* Stealing Pennsylvania: "Massive Fraud"
* 1 Voter, 72 Registrations: ACORN paid me in cash and cigs
* 30,000 Felons Illegally Registered to Vote in Florida
* Ohio Catches Bogus ACORN registrant casting votes (4,000 of left wing group’s sign-ups are shady)

Operating the catapults behind are black politicians, moronic "celebrities," and a large group of whites with personal issues ranging from suicidal psychosis, to parasitic feeding on the fruits of entropy, to useful idiocy of the kind Lenin was quick to diagnose and exploit.

All these have generated the following headlines, again, in a single week:

* Sen. Reid Implies Radio Host Racist For Tying FANNIE MAE To Obama
* Congressman says McCain ‘sowing seeds of hatred’
* Castro: Racism in US keeps many away from Obama
* MAUREEN DOWD: McCain/Palin rouse the mob against Obama...
* FRANK RICH: Fire stoked by McCain/Palin raging out of control

As the age of minority-led liberal thugocracy is upon us, it’s time to realize that unless America’s majority throws this racism ghoul overboard, the country will be sold for pennies on the dollar on history’s market.

It was the racism hoax that tripped the dominoes of America’s financial structure, and it was the political classes’ cowardice versus the hoax’s perpetrators that let it squeeze the daylight out of America’s banking and mortgage infrastructure.

Putting an end to stupidity, of the "racist" kind or otherwise, means recognizing that a Proposition Nation, which is the current president’s and two presidential contenders’ vision of America, will end up like a woman who has been propositioned too many times, and accepted.

You seed the highest posts in government based on the melanin quotient or genitalia of your appointees, you’ll end up with a quadriplegic lesbian Inuit with a dumbed-down law degree from Yale, negotiating the country’s trade with a Chinese counterpart who has risen to his post through ruthless selection of the best brains in a pool of 1.3 billion brains.

China has 30 million students of classical piano and 10 million classical violinists. America has 40 million of ¿Tiene Preguntas?

China has 50,000 students of geology who will be launched all over the world to look for new sources of raw materials. America has 500 students of geology, most of them foreigners, but 50,000 students in law schools.

The Russians have a despotic leader who does what’s best for Russia. He will be remembered by a grateful people as one of the five greatest sons that nation has ever produced.

America has leaders who do what’s best for Iraq, Albania and South Korea. Who work for Pakistani democrats, Chinese arms manufacturers, Chechen warlords, Bosnian mullahs or American mullahs. Leaders who can’t let a presidential debate go without discussing Israel and blabbering about the shining city on the hill, while their own country is falling apart from their own stupidity, cowardice, or corruption.

Floating along on giant gobs of hubris, we have erased the distinction between smarts and wisdom, as we have almost all distinctions. And that is like navigating a ship with a blindfold.

America’s has been an improved blindfold, from the Emperor’s New Clothes closet. Strength in Diversity. Nation of Immigrants. Shining City on the Hill. All Whites are Racists except me because I am saying it. Race is a Social Construct. Gender is a Social Construct. Intelligence is a Social Construct. Islam is a Religion of Peace. Self-Esteem is the Key to Education. No Child Left Behind. No Money Down. Only $399.99 in Five Easy Payments. She’ll love you for it. He who dies with the most toys, wins. Invest for the Long Run. Print More Money for Prosperity. Home of the Brave and the Free, ARM 8.75%.

The people who have staged this farce will not see the truth, except when their stewardship in the political and cultural realm will have brought the country to such a social reality as the laissez-faire credit moonshiners have brought to her in the economic realm. Then they will pour ashes on their heads and sing: By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we remembered America before it was Babylon.

But who needs that? Too little, too late.

A bonfire of a trillion dollars can do nothing for a slumbering slob. But history’s mark-to-market to Third World status may, if we are lucky, awaken a sleeping giant.

With fraudulent elections, Marxist demagogues in power, the wealth of America’s founding stock melted or redistributed to raging tax-eaters immune to America’s founding ethic, a ruined economy with the largest debt burden in the history of the world, the Evil Party firmly in control and the Stupid Party in senile dementia, we are on the way to awakening.

So cheer up.