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Thread: Missing 1944 Military Studies Concluded Auschwitz-Birkenau Not Death Camp

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    Arrow Missing 1944 Military Studies Concluded Auschwitz-Birkenau Not Death Camp

    From 1944 to 1993 the Holocaust lobby's story was Auschwitz-Birkenau wasn't bombed because the daily mass murders were kept secret through a circle of fences one kilometer (0.6 mi) from Birkenau so the American and British military did not know about the mass executions until an April, 1944 prison escape, and Auschwitz was out of range for bombers.

    In 1993 Air Photo Evidence published air photos proving the Germans made no attempt to hide the Birkenau Cremation buildings, which had no outer fence and only one wire fence close to the buildings so mass executions would have been visible to American and British spies, and Birkenau was not out of range as American planes bombed an industrial complex 6 km (4 mi) east starting in August, '44.

    The photos sent shockwaves through the Holocaust lobby which hastily organized an Auschwitz Bombing convention in Washington, DC, to change their story and agree to new reasons why the camps were not bombed. The new story was the British and American governments knew about the Birkenau mass executions from mid '43 to November, '44, and had air-fields in Italy with dive-bombing planes, but didn't bomb Birkenau or rail-lines leading to the camp for a number of reasons. The main 4 reasons according to the Holocaust lobby are in black text, and the truth according to Air Photo Evidence is in red text:

    1. Requests for bombing by U.S. President Roosevelt and British leader Churchill were over-ruled by the military who knew about the mass murders, but were indifferent to the plight of the camp inmates. The truth is there is no written record Roosevelt or Churchill ordered or even discussed bombing Birkenau, for the military had done a comprehensive study comparing air photos with reports from spies and released inmates, before concluding mass murders were not occurring at Birkenau.
    2. Jewish organizations in the U.S. and Britain did not ask for bombing until August, 1944 when most of the murders were complete. The truth is that Jewish organizations, which had spies and contacts througout Poland and Europe and knew what was occurring in Birkenau, never at any time requested the bombing of Birkenau or any other camp, because they knew that mass murders were not occurring.
    3. The War Refugee Board knew about the daily murders but did not have enough political clout to command the attention of President Roosevelt. The truth is Board member Henry Morgenthau was in continual contact with President Roosevelt as the Board monitored European refugees, and there in no record of Morgenthau ever discussing the bombing of Birkenau because he knew the few mass murder stories that crossed his desk were false propaganda.
    4. Bombing would have killed inmates and there was no guarantee bombing would have stopped the slaughter. The truth is rail-lines could have been bombed with no casualties and Mosquito dive-bombers could have precision bombed the Birkenau Cremation buildings with a minimum loss of life.
    For 11 years from 1993 to 2004, historians have been searching the official records of Roosevelt, Churchill, military leaders, Jewish organizations, and the War Refugee Board for even one recommendation to bomb Birkenau, and none have been found. This is a huge defeat for the Holocaust lobby, for as more people see Air Photo Evidence they conclude the real reason American and British military commanders, political leaders, and Jewish groups did not propose bombing the Birkenau Cremation buildings in 1944 was because they knew the military's studies of air photos and spy reports had concluded that no one was being murdered. From 2004 on, no matter what the Holocaust lobby say, the one fact remains that from August, 1944 the Allies bombed the nearby chemical plant but did not bomb Auschwitz or Birkenau!

    Source: Committee for Historical Truth (2004)
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    Post Re: Reason why Birkenau was not bombed

    change that font colour...I can't see a thing.

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