It's the purpose of the Help Forum to ask questions about the forum and its technical features which are of general interest; or to make positive suggestions how the forum can be improved.

It is not the purpose of the Help Forum to "ask" why a certain member was banned or for how long. Such threads will be removed without reply.

We usually do not answer such questions in public or even in PMs to others because:
  • A banned member has no possibility to present his point of view in an equitable manner.
  • We have no intent to denigrate a banned member in public.
  • Sometimes, a ban is a last resort to end dramas, hostile or inciting conduct which negatively affect Skadi Forum, its Germanic organic community and its climate. If we nip such unpleasant developments in the bud before they do even more harm to our community, we have no interest that they are continued in the Help Forum or any other location of Skadi Forum.
If a member is temporarily or permanently banned, he usually receives a reason either in form of an infraction e-mail or the reason is displayed when he tries to log into Skadi Forum. If he doesn't, he is able to inquire.

One of the excuses to open such threads is the allegation that a banned member has no possibility to inquire or to contact Skadi Forum or its staff. This is wrong. He can use the contact form to contact us. He can ask about the details and he can present his point of view in a polite manner. He can ask for a review and is entitled to an appeal pursuant to our rules which will be forwarded to the staff member in question. Any rude or insulting complaints will not be answered.

If a banned member receives no reply to a polite mail, it means that the original decision wasn't altered. Some decisions are not debatable. You accepted all these rules when you signed up to Skadi Forum and that's why it's totally pointless to argue some rules shouldn't exist or not be applied the way they exist.

Skadi Forum is not the right place to attack, slander or insult Skadi Forum, its staff, the staff's decisions or its members in public. Staff members can only respect you if you respect them. If you really have serious concerns about certain decisions or how things are run, please contact a staff member politely by PM or use the contact form and your concerns and ideas will be entertained by the staff.

There is also no reason to post in a thread that a member can currently not reply because he is banned. If you really think it is necessary to inform a member about such a fact, contact him by private message. Not that it wouldn't be visible.

Skadi Forum is a Germanic organic community for Germanics, and its Germanic members and their ethnicities should feel welcome and respected. We wish to create a friendly and respectful climate and a place where Germanics feel comfortable and at home like in an extended family. We would in particular ask our regulars to set an example because new members observe how you behave and follow suit.

Members who undermine this aim by agitation and incitement for reasons of their own amusement, intellectual gratification or to show others up are considered subversive elements and will eventually be removed. We do not mind strong opinions in discussions (and even welcome them because they make discussions interesting), as long as they remain factual, and you do not get personal.

If you do not like all this, you are on the wrong forum. Respect earned through former support, good conduct and excellent contributions is no free ticket to behave the way you want. Respect is something that has to be re-earned every day. The staff will grant you maybe a bit more lenience if you are a regular and good contributor and have a bad day once in a while (rule 28), but at the end of the day, nobody is above the rules.

We prefer a smaller Germanic organic community composed of persons to whom Germanic preservation isn't a joke and who are friendly, supportive and respectful to a larger community of unconnected individuals with their personal agendas. If you think Skadi cannot survive without you, you are equally wrong. Quite the contrary, once all those to whom their daily ego boost is more important than the welfare of our Germanic organic community are removed, better people will join.