Gallaibh nan Gàidheal ’s nan Gall
Caithness of the Gael and the Lowlander`

by Domhnall Uilleam Stiùbhart


Recently we’ve all been hearing and reading rather a lot of opinions, not all of them particularly well-informed, about the question of Caithness’s Gaelic heritage. Several people, some of them holding prominent public positions, have gone so far as to deny that such a thing as Caithness Gaelic ever existed. This article makes no claims to be the definitive guide to the history of Gaelic in Caithness. Rather, in drawing upon some historical sources and some scholarly works, I hope to contribute to this debate by offering what might be a different perspective. The most important point I would make to start with, however, is that we need further research on this fascinating topic by the people of Caithness themselves.

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