As an Asatruaan I feel compelled to abide by the laws of nature.

Quite clearly homosexuality is a violation of natural law.

The Old Norse word used in the law code and literature for an insult was nÝ­ , which may be defined as "libel, insult, scorn, lawlessness, cowardice, sexual perversion, homosexuality". From nÝ­ are derived such words as trÚnÝ­ ("timber nÝ­", carved or sculpted representations of men involved in a homosexual act).

NÝ­ was part of a family of concepts which all have connotations of passive male homosexuality, such as: ergi or regi (nouns) and argr or ragr (the adjective form of ergi) ("willing or inclined to play or interested in playing the female part in sexual relations with another man, unmanly, effeminate, cowardly"); ergjask ("to become argr"); rassragr ("arse-ragr"); stro­inn and sor­inn ("sexually used by a man") and sansor­inn ("demonstrably sexually used by another man") (S°renson 17-18, 80). A man who is a sei­ma­r (one who practices women's magic) who is argr is called sei­skratti (S°renson 63).

This clearly illustrates that homosexuality was considered in a very negative manner.