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Thread: [pdf] The Case for Germany [A study of modern Germany] (1939)

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    [pdf] The Case for Germany [A study of modern Germany] (1939)

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    It is a great pleasure to me to introduce the public to Dr. Laurie's valuable book on modern Germany . He is best known to the world as a brilliant scientist, but he has found time in the intervals of his work to pursue with ardour the task upon which every sensible member of the British and German races should be engaged-namely the establishment of good relations and a better understanding between these two great nations.

    Dr Laurie knows full well that this friendship is the keystone to peace in Europe-nay, in the whole world . He is one of the small group who founded the Association known as "The Link", whose sole aim is to get Britons and Germans to know and understand one another better. He is one of the most zealous workers in this good cause in the country. He writes of the National Socialist movement with knowledge and great sympathy.

    The particular value of this book lies in the fact that it is written by a foreigner, who cannot be accused of patriotic excess in his interpretation of the great work done by Herr Hitler and his associates . I recommend this volume with confidence to all people who are genuinely impressed with the desire to understand one of the greatest-and most bloodless-revolutions in history.
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