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Most of these children have single parents who struggle with unemployment and other social issues.
There's your problem. I don't know about most of the older members on this site but my generation was raised in single family homes. What is the divorce rate in America, 50%? There isn't any incentive anymore. Seeing our parents fight and argue and all the strife that comes with it and everyone we know having an estranged family doesn't make people want to commit. I can see why.

As for the hypersexualization, I think television and media, easy access to porn online, bad parenting, and probably the complete rejection of Christianity is to blame to some degree.

Things look bleak, but I'm glad that I've found someone I enjoy being with, and I can enjoy without fearing commitment. I'm one of the lucky ones. I have plenty of friends that cheat, sleep around, and live extremely hedonistic lifestyles all of the time and it is certainly more prevalent than it was in the past. At least where I live there isn't as much stigma as you think there should be about stuff like that.

I have to leave this place......