In the 2004 film entitled "Before the Fall" (also called 'Napola'), the main character undergoes a rather thorough 'racial classification' examination during his physical fitness tests prior to being accepted at the elite preparatory school. The footage of the examination is quite short, but a number of important steps for determining racial classification are clearly shown. For instance, in the 'classification scene' the German racial anthropologist/scientist uses the following criteria:

(a) Eye color (not just 'solid colors', but also shades within solid colors -- i.e. light blue, dark blue, etc.)

(b) Hair color (again, subtle differences in shade are considered significant)

(c) Forehead dimensions

(d) Nose structure

(e) Various other skull measurements (overall size, facial proportionality, etc.)

The main character is eventually determined to be a 'Nordic Class 1B'. Other techniques were probably used, but these were just the most memorable methods from the film. All of these are pretty understandable, and not unfamiliar to most people involved in anthropological classification. I'm curious though, about whatever further information and scientific literature that exists on this subject. Does anyone know if there's a surviving manual describing these sort of technical procedures for determing racial background within the Reich, preferably in a sort of 'step by step' logical manner? Are there any surviving textbooks that served as a 'guide' when classifying individuals for racial anthropologists in the Reich? Was some of the procedure derived directly from the descriptions/literature of Günther?