Companies teaching Danish to employees

An increased number of companies are taking responsibility for teaching their employees Danish

Many foreigners agree that the biggest hurdle to getting a job in Denmark is the language. Now a number of companies are helping employees conquer the tricky tongue.

Transport company Arriva has established its own language school. The 57 students who are currently enrolled are guaranteed a job in the company if they pass the course.

Arriva used to turn away applicants who lacked competency in the language, telling them to apply again when they had mastered Danish.

However, now the transport company has difficulty getting new employees and cannot afford to turn away applicants, reports Berlinske Tidende newspaper.

The Confederation of Danish Industries said that companies tackling the language problem and working together with municipalities on integrating workers is an increasing trend.

ISS have employed a language consultant to provide classes in the workplace. The company currently has 4,200 migrant workers and has set the aim that every third manager in the company is of ethnic background.

Food processing company Danish Crown are also helping their employees by sending those who need it on Danish courses after work.

More integration. I believe employing Danes instead of foreigners would eliminate the costs and effort to teach foreigners Danish and as a consequence, the language problems from work.