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The English, Welsh, Irish and Scottish are all North-Western European peoples. The ethnogenesis of each nation is drawn from the same sources (native British, Celtic, Northern Germanic, Iberian, Anatolian etc) and they differ in that regard only by degrees.

99.9% of all these folk speak English from birth. Some of them can write and speak in a Gaelic language also.

The hard Teutonic-Celtic split of peoples dating from the Anglo-Danish invasions is a hangover from the years of English subjugation over those three nations. It was convenient for the English and is now convenient for "Celts" to have this exist as a widely-held belief.
What? Over 50% of English and Lowland Scottish males belong to Germanic paternal lineages (I1a, I2a2a-Z161, R1a-L664, R1a-Z284, R1b-S21/U106). The usual for England is 55%-65%. So sorry there is no hangover.