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Thread: Sweden Ranks First As the Best Place for Mothers

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    Sweden Ranks First As the Best Place for Mothers

    Sweden has ranked first as the best place for mothers. This has not been the first time that Sweden has been selected first as the best place for mothers. In fact, Sweden, again has been rated as "the best place to be a mother in the world" by a U.S.-based charity known as Save the Children.

    Save the Children utilizes different parameters to make its assessments. Things such as longevity, drinking water quality, maternity leave allowances, women's political participation and the mortality rate of children under five are taken into a proprietary model to assess the quality of life of mothers and mothers-to-be

    The report, released by Save the Children, also shows the worst place for mothers based on the system of evaluation, which is where women face the greatest hardship to be mothers.

    After Sweden, Norway has ranked second (of a total of 146 countries). This rank is based on an Index known as "State of the World's Mothers' index." Iceland has ranked third. In addition, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia, Finland, Ireland, Germany and France are in the top ten list for best places for mothers

    As expected countries ranked worst are underdeveloped countries such as Angola, Chad, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Sierra Leone.

    According to Save the Children, this organization tries to increase public awareness and concerns regarding the quality of life of mothers and mothers-to-be. To do this, it uses a series of events and projects. One of them is the publication of "State of the World's Mothers' index" along with the report that analyzes it. This report has been published since 2000.

    Lets hope that government officials, policy makers, industrial leaders and the public in general utilize reports a such as this to assess and take actions to increase the quality of life of mothers around the world.


    Mother's Day Report Card: The Best and Worst Countries to Be a Mother
    Well Norway come 2nd, no matter what they say about the Swedes women they still remains the best as mother in the world. What else one need?
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    I listened to a discussion between my mother and one of my aunts once. They were talking about young mothers today and how they thought it had been easier for them when they had kids because the expectations and demands from friends and family were lower back then (or different). They weren't expected to go back to work any time soon after they had given birth to their child, they were expected to stay at home with them and be mothers first. They didn't feel as there was a need to either, whilst mothers today felt as though they had to get back to work or else they will miss out on something important in their lives. They weren't expected to be trendy either or have all the latest and newest baby fashion or lots of stuff.

    I wasn't born that long ago and my mother is only middle aged yet she and her sister felt as though the climate for being a mother and raising children had changed pretty radically since they themselves had young children of their own. Materially Swedish mothers may have it good compared to most, but materialism today tends to flourish at the expense of our humanity. Just an observation.

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