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International Germanic Community General historical, social, linguistic, political and cultural topics pertinent to multiple, or even all, Germanic communities.

Are You Critical of Your Own People?

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Old Sunday, February 19th, 2017   #61
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Spjabork is considered wise by the elders.Spjabork is considered wise by the elders.Spjabork is considered wise by the elders.Spjabork is considered wise by the elders.Spjabork is considered wise by the elders.Spjabork is considered wise by the elders.Spjabork is considered wise by the elders.Spjabork is considered wise by the elders.

Originally Posted by SpearBrave View Post
That does not answer the question. The question is really simple either you like your own people or you do not?
I do love my people. I still do. Though -- how should I put it? -- I loved them much more when I was small, and did not understand anything. Then my love for them was greatest. Now I love them less and less, with each single day.
Originally Posted by SpearBrave View Post
Folk is just a word meaning people of your own kind, it has both modern and historical context.
I know what you meant by the term folk. And exactly in the same meaning you used the term folk, in that very meaning I set out that folk changes over time. Nowadays, the brother does not trust the brother, the brother would not lend 5 to his own brother, yet he would throw out of the window 5000 for asylum seekers, poor negro babies etc.

So, whenever you use any term, it did not suffice to think what did this term once mean, you must look what the term means now. Because you live now.
Originally Posted by SpearBrave View Post
So you do not care if all Germanics are gone or will die out after you are dead? Then that brings the question up why are your here on this forum, which is centered around Germanic preservation?
Let me put it this way: whether I cared or not - what difference would it make?

I do care about Germanics. I think everyday about them, their history, their way of life, as it changed over time. That's all in the past. About the future of Germanics I do not think, because the future I can't know. I think, a wonder can save them.
Originally Posted by SpearBrave View Post
Then that brings the question up why are your here on this forum, which is centered around Germanic preservation?
Oh, I came back here because I have been here long ago, and I hoped to find back old fellows. I really found two.

And then -- I think I told you this already -- there is not much else of a forum left, in this world, I could turn to. I got a computer, and I got a mobile, so, why not use it?

But -- to come back to your point, if there was no internet, no mobile, then I indeed would already have no folk anymore. The people around me are ghostlike, they are zombies, shallow shells. I still remember how it was when I as small, and it isn't so anymore. Now it is, as if they all feel -- if they feel anything at all -- that it is over.

But history is, and always was, unpredictable. And as we have learned, sometimes, one man, THE man, can make the difference.

So, basically, I am waiting for the man.

If someone though was waiting for me, well, I am here!!!
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Old Monday, February 20th, 2017   #62
Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall.
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Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.Juthunge is a sage.

I don’t think any nationalist could be uncritical of his own people, at least not nowadays and not in the West. The average people are at best indifferent to our fate and very survival as a people, culture and race, if not actively supporting the demise.
Blind admiration for our people therefore doesn't help us.

Talking to the latter kind of people is a waste of breath and time. If one encounters such individuals in a discussion and it gets to a point, where it’s obvious that the discussion leads to nothing, if possible, simply break off the discussion.

But for the former sympathetic or indifferent part of one’s people at least, there is still some hope.
What an individual nationalist, who holds himself above them in intellect and behaviour, can do for those of his people, at the least, is this:
  • Set an example, be a role model for them in anything you do. Not only in directly nationalist issues but also in a personal way. Be authentic and stay always true to the ideals you preach to others.
    Be hard to yourself above anyone else. Behave moderately and morally correct in regards to general consume, drugs and the other gender.

  • Be healthy of mind and body. Work out and educate yourself over various subjects, for example history, politics, anthropology, sociology, natural sciences, rhetorics etc.

  • Try not to isolate yourself too much from the mainstream, ride the tiger even if it's hard. Don’t become the secluded “redneck Nazi” from next door but the odd one out most people perhaps don’t agree with but still have to hold in awe, for his intelligence and reasoning.

  • Be reasonable but determined in discussion, listen to opposing arguments but constantly refute them objectively.
    Therefore prepare yourself with arguments, show the advantages of a homogenous society, explain the feats of your people andkeep track of current oppression and crimes against it.

    Don’t behave patronisingly, vulgar or loud. You want to convince others and people tend to react negatively to these behaviours and automatically block everything you say.
    Mark your words and adapt somewhat to your discussion partner but don’t lie or even disown your ideals for no good purpose either.

  • Also factor into your behaviour and openness of speech, where you are and whom you speak to. Laws are hard on free speech nowadays and there is no point of going to prison over mere words. You’re of no use to your people behind bars over petty things.

But the most important point is: never become bitter, give up and even start to hate all of your people, culture and country. Don’t become an embittered, whining complainer in a closed circle of like people. Because then you have already lost and anything you say and do from then on, is pointless.

Try instead to think of the good qualities of your people, even if they’re already few. Try to think of your (future) children, nieces or nephews. Carry on for them and hold out against all odds with an unmoved interior and peace of mind.

That doesn’t mean, however, one should stupidly be all optimistic but giving up is not an option. This is the original Germanic way of facing a bad fate, stubbornly opposing it, with our without hope, it doesn’t matter to the calmness of the soul.

Goethe has summed this up well, at a time when this spirit was more alive. The best translation I have found of it by German-American Paul Carus:

Cowardly thinking/Encouragement

Cowardly thinking,
Timorous shrinking,
Weak lamentations,
Faint hesitations
Mend not our misery,
Set us not free.

Face all hostility,
Preserve your virility
Nor ever yield.
Vigorous resistance
Brings the assistance
Of gods to the field.
The blood is for us the symbol of the living. The blood of ancestors flows through the chain of generations and binds them in a great linkage of destiny, beat and time.
- Oswald Spengler
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