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    112 I...

    I suspect the "Borderless" documentary may have had something to do with it. She may have been threatened or even paid off by some politicians or NGOs....
  2. Have You Been Caught Up in the Social Media Anti-Conservative Cleanup?

    As you might have heard, social media has been banning and demonetizing conservative accounts for a while now. Recently, there has been a mass sweep on Youtube. It would be interesting to learn if...
  3. Poll! The first one. This thread used to be in the...

    The first one. This thread used to be in the legal forum. I don't know who moved it to the Hearth, but it should be moved back, as my question was/is a legal one. Basically I was asking if anyone has...
  4. Fantasy profiles.

    Fantasy profiles.
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    Yes, YT deleted it. YouTube Has Deleted Varg...

    Yes, YT deleted it.

    YouTube Has Deleted Varg Vikernes’ Channel as Part of White Supremacist and Conspiracy Theorist Ban
  6. 'Anti-Fascist' Beer Company Owner Calls on Customers to Hit 'Far-Right' 'Fascists' in the Head with a Brick
  7. What Is Minimalism? An Introduction To Living With Intentionality
  8. Long-Term Relationships Are Well And Truly Dead in the 21st Century, And Here’s Why
  9. Science Proves: Pop Music Has Actually Gotten Worse

    Read more:
  10. Why You Should Never Feed A Dog Pet Food
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    2019 Danish General Election


    Opinion polling for the 2019 Danish general election:...
  12. Why Danes Take EU Elections Far More Seriously Than Other Europeans
  13. For The Last Six Months, I’ve Been Trying To Date Danes. Here’s What I Found Out
  14. Here Are The Danish Social No-Gos You Should Never Break
  15. Liechtenstein GDP Larger than 14 African States Combined
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    “Flemish Culture too White”
  17. Populist Revolt Turns Dutch Politics on its Head as New anti-Invasion Party Becomes Largest Single Bloc
  18. Feminists, Lesbians, say Trannies are “Men’s Rights” Movement
  19. BBC: No More “White Blokes” Shows Like Monty Python Allowed
  20. German “Democracy”: AfD Leader Charged for Anti-Nazi Remarks in Name of “Tolerance”
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  22. Trannies Furious as Research Paper Republished Showing Social Media Hysteria Spreads “Transgender” Nonsense
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  24. UK’s “Brexit”: 23% Increase in Nonwhite Immigration as EU Whites Leave
  25. South Africa: Africans Vote in Darkness as Power Fails at Polling Station
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