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  1. Common Mistakes Native Germanic Language Speakers Make

    I've often seen Americans and Brits confusing you're with your, its with it's etc., even more often than people who speak English as a foreign language do.

    Some further examples:
  2. That Time When Fake Mental Patients Fooled Psychiatrists
  3. Replies
  4. Replies
  5. World’s First Baby Born With New “3 Parent” Technique
  6. British Lesbian Couple First To Carry Baby In Both Their Wombs
  7. Nah, I'm quite calm. I was simply pointing out...

    Nah, I'm quite calm. I was simply pointing out the absurdity of some of your claims.

    So? Most people resort to tricks to enhance their looks, whether it's something as simple as posture, hair or...
  9. Ah, the old "deception" game. Have to disagree...

    Ah, the old "deception" game. Have to disagree here though, it's not exactly the same thing. There is no function or benefit to putting socks in your trousers, aside from making your bulge appear...
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    I originally wanted to post this in the fat women...

    I originally wanted to post this in the fat women thread, but since it's about incels I think it fits in this discussion more. On incels and fat/ugly women, fatcels, Stacies vs. Beckies, incels who...
  11. South African “Equality” Court Rules: Criminal Offence to Display Old Flag—Even in Private Homes
  12. Dutch Court Rules Sexual Harassment Of Women In Public Is Protected ‘Freedom Of Expression’
  13. Germany: Green Party Wants To Hand Out Passports To ‘Climate Refugees’
  15. Native English Speakers Are The World’s Worst Communicators
  16. But it actually is anti-German because it implies...

    But it actually is anti-German because it implies a rejection of German identity. You can still be a proud Bavarian inside the German nation, but if you want to split from it, then you reject the...
  17. To All The Gals Who Don't Have A Girl Gang, It's Time To Find One
  18. The Death of Romanticism: The Venting Of A Hopeless Romantic
  19. Important!  The Tinder Effect: Psychology Of Dating In The Technosexual Era
  20. Mathematicians Reveal The Odds Of Finding Love
  21. Want To Stay In Love? Then DON'T Live Together
  22. The Psychology of the Backup Boyfriend or Girlfriend
  23. The Shallow Men Who Refuse To Date Women Over Size 8 Because They See Them As ‘Lazy’, ‘Not Good For My Image’ And ‘Sex Hungry’
  24. Your Drunk Self Is Your Truest Self, Science Says
  25. Thread: Duty Dating

    by Nachtengel

    Duty Dating
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