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  1. Online sky maps

    There are interactive online sky maps available, but they only go back some years in time :

    0100 AD :

    1600 AD :
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    Meh as Lunar deity

    Written things last longer than videos .

    Nevertheless, am wondering about your two comments :

    In Persia, Mäh is considered a lunar deity .... ,...
  3. The real date of birth of Jesus Christ : June 11th

    Somewhere between the 20th and 30th of December ,
    usually the night from the 24th into the 25th is considered Christmas .

    Nothing wrong with that , but as one of the three astronomers
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    Hmmm, "Philosophical Archaic Christian" means...

    Hmmm, "Philosophical Archaic Christian" means somewhat Christian from the early Middle Ages or Iron Age ,
    when the stories of both scripts had not been translated ,yet .

    At that time ,...
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    Israel, the Old Testamental Moon

    Everyone knows at least a little bit about ABRAHAM .

    The story reads also as Abraham being the heaven's vault , married

    * with Haggai as the swift breeze or simply the air , giving birth to...
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    Entertainment and communication is important

    Entertainment in sense of talk is important , in my honest opinion .

    TeleVision has taken the entertainment part .

    That is , why communication is obstacled , which then leads to...
  7. Important!  They let the White's nations be pillaged /...

    They let the White's nations be pillaged / plundered , so children and social welfare are not a problem anymore .

    The thing is the #better future than the parents -attitude , which shows , that...
  8. Andrew Anglin II. Nothing more to say ....

    Andrew Anglin II.

    Nothing more to say .

    Might be interesting, if they have something biological, nerological, or otherwise esotheric in common ,
    as date of birth; etc. .
  9. Important!  Keywords for the Search Engine ? Otherwise,...

    Keywords for the Search Engine ?

    Otherwise, Welcome !
  10. WASP and Teutonic Order

    I am usually open minded , but that sounds quirky :

    Ethnicity W.A.S.P.
    Ancestry The Arctic
    Subrace American
    Y-DNA Khan
    mtDNA Indo-European
    Country Other Other State
    Teutonic Order Teutonic...
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    Important! Poll! Balts, Poles, Prussians, Russians -- Re-ally "Germanic" ?

    Other opinion .

    Sadly, no time to read other member's posts .

    Am not sure , if the "Germans" are all Germanic , since the occupation of Poland back in the 19th century .
  12. Sterne und Weltraum (SuW)

    It is important to purchase different magazines , since they differ a little bit in the way
    they draw lines between the visible 5.0 to 5.5 magnitude stars .

    Some claim 6.0 would be visible , but...
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    Odinism is part of Monotheism itself

    Thinking about it ,

    Religion had been important for people surrounded by death all the time .

    Those times have somehow gone .

    Now religion is important for the weakling , to have a...
  14. Poll! Tattooed People are Mentally Ill

    In the Mental Hospital , that I have to be lockedup currently ,
    many of the employees of age below 35 , both women and men ,
    have such arm sleeve tattoos , and plenty of those .

    I don't care ,...
  15. Poll! Spreaking or Writing skills

    I voted 'Scandinavians' , since my writing skills might be much better , than my speaking skills .
  16. Sanctuary Cities in the Old Testament

    People fearing the Holocaust , really are "leadable" and would probably be as libreal as can be and follow any orders .

    Funny , the mentioning of bricks "as those are 'traditional'" .....

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    Quotes about Quodinism .... or Otimnism , Optimism , Optimum , Quantum

    Just made it readable .....
  18. Of course it is the ORION night sky stars constellation starsign

    Happy, that people came across this already .

    The times , when I started and finished to have seen all constellations personally ,
    stared , starred , astonished ,
    without any modern...
  19. But sometimes one could consider the New...

    But sometimes one could consider the New Testament saying about the one , who turns his ways .... just for the philosophical mind ...
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    Important!  I would probably type it with a fast 'l' , as...

    I would probably type it with a fast 'l' , as hillarious .... ?
  21. Thorvhad Hund blacklisted

    British Wikipaedia ....
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    Important!  What does "hilarious" mean ? The hell's...

    What does "hilarious" mean ?

    The hell's Hellas hills are Arianne's Arijans ?

    Unfortunately , that would mean Astronomy and Astrology ;

    and in our times some statistics by employers...
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    Simple Darwinism : Riding a chariot commonly...

    Simple Darwinism :

    Riding a chariot commonly indicates wealth and action ,
    and walking indicates passivness and impoverishment .

    So , the active ones are "gassing" the passive ones .

  24. Honestly , there will be a high chance of those...

    Honestly , there will be a high chance of those "leaders" of youth employing services , will be "common" members of Christian churches .

    Can not speak for Jews , and the Homosexuals in muslim...
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    Depends on the age , and mental motivation . I...

    Depends on the age , and mental motivation .

    I don't own a car , and last year in autumn , I went on a walk through the countryside around 20 km east , and then 10 km returning West . I took the...
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