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  1. Important! Poll! Joe Biden and the crisis of the New World

    In the USA ¾ of Republicans believe the election was stolen and 20% of Democrats believe that too. That’s almost half, or to be exact 47½% of the population.

    No more laughing up your sleeve at...
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    Important!  I do not agree with Mr Murphy's life style choice...

    I do not agree with Mr Murphy's life style choice or condone it. It doesn't give the africoon 'bludger' (waster, lazy person) the right to murder him.

    He will be out before he turns 40.

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    The Blair rich project: UK P. M. Tony Blair made millions in some of the shadiest corners of the world.

    How do you know a politician lies? Their lips move.

    All Western National leaders are the same. Loads of money hidden in property and Swiss or off-shore accounts.

    They are all simply actors...
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    Goebbels quote on the Polish:

  5. Important! Poll! Where is everyone, Joe?

  7. Important! Poll! America’s Demise Is Near At Hand

    Dementia Joe:

    Biden is replacing his own supporters with flags and there would only be 10 flags. Presumably 5 Antifa flags, and 5 flags of the People’s Republic of China. Instead of flags they...
  8. Important! Poll! Seven months ago, Kamala Harris bailed out criminal rioters; now she wants to punish Capitol “insurrectionists”

    A coup d'état is the sudden seizure of government power in a state, by a group seeking to depose the current ruling body and replace it with a new one.

    They were not “insurrectionists” but real...
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  10. Important! Poll! View Post

  11. Islam Is a ‘Political Party’, Not a Religion.

    Many westerners have known and said this for a long time. Why then do our “Governments, Politicians, Human Rights Solicitors and Groups” not consider the human rights of the people in their own...
  12. Important! Poll! The Liz Cheney fishing license tangle | WyoFile

  13. Thread: Brexit

    by jagdmesser

    Hidden clause in Boris's Brexit deal exposes massive stitch-up – UK forced to fund EU Army

    'EU’s new 10,000-strong border force' are doing nothing about this:

    Boris Shuts All Travel Corridors, But Migrant Boats Keep on Coming
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    Over 7,000-strong migrant caravan inches closer to US border as Biden vows to end Trump's asylum policies

    REAL Voters this time for China Joe's Democratic party.
  15. Important! Poll! If treason doth prosper, none dare call it treason.

    If treason doth prosper, none dare call it treason.
    Sir John Harington (baptised 4 August 1560 – 20 November 1612), of Kelston, Somerset, England, but baptised in London, was an English courtier,...
  16. Banker Benjamin de Rothschild, owner of the Edmond de Rothschild Group, dies aged 57 – family to media

    Strange, considering the health care such a financial emperor would have had. Could there be more we're not hearing?
  17. Important! Poll! Congressional Traitors

    Of course that will back fire when it comes to re-election. Though well paid now [COLOR=#21200B][FONT=&amp]and a future position reassured.
  18. The Reichstag Fire Big Lie David Irving's Goebbels

  19. Thread: Adoption

    by jagdmesser

    Important! Poll! Report on the many Irish 'Mother and baby Homes' drew 'incorrect conclusions' from testimonies - Connolly

    Harrowing stuff that went on for 40 years which should be judged against today’s alternative – industrial scale abortion.

    'I expect when Ireland's P M / Taoiseach is talking again, that he...
  20. Tower of London 'queen' raven missing, believed dead

  21. Australia plans to kill pigeon that crossed Pacific from the US

    Send it back by plane to Oregon, USA.
  22. Important! Poll! “It Wasn’t Just the Vote that was Stolen. It was the entire Constitutional order.”

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    Important!  What the globalist controlled fake news medias...

    What the globalist controlled fake news medias reports as being so-called migrants are actually Muslim stealth demographic jihadists masquerading as being so-called moderate migrants so as to invade...
  24. Important! Poll! Democrats Launch Their Assault on Red State America

    Socialism develops and becomes a terminal illness which destroys the host.

    2016 ushered in Trump a real American President and Brexit. ...
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    ‘Capitol Hill is the 9/11 Moment of Social Media’ — EU Commissioner Calls for Govt Control of the Internet

    When the 'left' gain any power their first objective is to curtail free speech and rights.

    These gangster corporate / bankster / globalist puppet-masters will be held to account sooner or...
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