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  1. Re: Do Europeans have claim to North America?

    My American history might be a little rusty but didn't , the revolution between the european english and the american descendants from europe who became the colonial army fight against one another...
  2. Re: Can You Prove the Existence of Gods?

    It is my personal opinion yes gods do exist , you will find most gods of the past are gods of mother earth nature or the nature of man's mind. Nature is a powerful divine physical reality we are...
  3. Re: Israeli Spy discovered at the Pentagon!

    The Spies of israel in the american pentagon. I have to say this is very entertaining and note the no arrest made. I have but one question , Why are we allies with israel with these such things...
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    Re: Beauty Is Only Brain Deep

    Beauty Is Only Brain Deep.

    What is the brain but a primitive thing us humans have at our disposal to think and create and many other necessities. Yes Beauty is of the mind , but it is that...
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