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  1. Dresden

    One German city wiped out is one too many. If there were no Jews in Germany, and the polish people free of Jews, and no jews in Russia, would there be a need for the first, or second WW?
    The jews...
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    Jewish murders

    This should be sent to people all over the world. Just think these scum bags decendants are here setting the stage to do it here.
  3. Paid Muslims to behave????

    Thats just plain stupid. What do they have anything there called men.
    The answer is form small groups to go out at night and look for them with baseball bats..The men must take control, or the women...
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    Gods chosen people?

    I have found that Jews worship Satan. Therefore the jews are the chosen people of their god...
  5. Odinism/Catholic

    Study the Catholic Church from its origin and you will find Asatru throughout.
    From the Sun wheel to odin. Odin was refered to as All Father, and God in the Catholic Church is refered to in prayer...
  6. Are you White?

    I have my way of doing it and I stick to it. I am not White. White means light color. I explain to people that ask me that question...I am Deutsche, not white, but explain we mostly use German here....
  7. Kidnapping white women throughout the world

    You are correct. In the United States we have 100,000's per year that have disappeared and nobody has found out where they go. I believe they have been sold as slaves throughout the world and will...
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    Poll! Murder in South Africa

    The people are murdered because they will not fight. The men act like cowards. Go to war against them and quite crying. We will go through the same thing here if we give up our weapons. Every time...
  9. President of Iceland?

    I wonder if they can float. Anyone with Nordic pride should find out.
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    Remember there are people on this site that are reading what we say. Be very careful. Do get yourself in an area where you and your love ones can survive. I live in one now. The town has 120 people...
  11. Important!  Muslim Gang rape's

    Where is your Nordic pride?..Do not wait for the corrupt employee's you put in office to help you. You know what's coming. Deal with it.
    At night about 10 or 15 people decide where to meet with...
  12. Nations of EU

    The UN was created for uniting white Europe, and it will happen..
    If you study you will find nature created three races in the world, and no more...Mongleloid, Caucasoid and Ne'groid...All the white...
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    Muslim riots in France

    If you don't like it, kick their asses and it will be over...They will go back where the major mode of transportation if a Camel....
  14. Republic?

    She better ask the Jews about that.
  15. Poll! low germans?

    Low German is a dialect of Northern Germany, and also is the branch of Germanic languages including English, Dutch, Flemish, etc...
  16. Homosexuality

    Hitler had the correct view point about homosexuality, and he set that example with Ernst Rohm...
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    Nathan Bedford Forrest

    I am related to nathan Forrest. The name Bedford started from a war lord from Norway by the name Beda who settled in a valley with a river running through it. Many years after Beda died they named...
  18. Josef Stalin honored

    Josef Stalin was a Jew. He murdered millions of White Russians. He was the greatest Jewish warrior of all time. He killed more white people than anyone.
    Look how far he advanced Marxism/Communism. ...
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    The family in the picture are not Germans. The father looks like he might have European blood, but the mother is an Indian. All their offsprings are Mexican, or Indians. If this is what they are...
  20. High Bred

    I look at the highbred negro's a little differant. I wonder how many white's it took to up breed the blacks to their status. I look at the U.S. as a whole and wonder how many white donated their seed...
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    Nuke mexico?

    Instead lets kick out the Illegal bean bandits and if mexico doesn't like it, we kick out the legal bean bandits. That will really fix their week economy. Then we can make money selling them beans...
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    Goldman Sachs

    A house full of Jews will pray upon the community and steal all they can. Goldman Sachs is a investment bank and operates under a charter granted by the people. Lets do three things:
    1) Take all...
  23. Southern Poverty Law Center

    Sounds like they are a big terriost organization. Someone should do a list and add everyone working for the law center on the list.
  24. Backwards?

    The Germanic tribes were conquers. We were after land and wealth. We destroyed Rome and took all they had. We built up our nations, and went forward into History. Rome got their assess kicked, and...
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    Poll! Ancient Gorillas or forfathers of the blacks

    There is no way you can take a jaw bone, or tooth, and come up with anything but what you started with. A jaw bone and a tooth. The scientist will do anything to try and prove we came from the...
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