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    Important!  Americans with German roots did not do Germany much good.

    I understand that settlers of German descent were the largest single group during the founding of America and that millions of German peasants and workers continued to arrive in the USA throughout...
  2. A Government owned and controlled banking system

    If you want to do away with the Federal Reseve Syatem, you would have to go all the way to creating a Public Banking Syatem, completely owned and controlled by the Federal Government. All banks in...
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    Important!  Two Personal Family Storyies.

    In late April, just a few weeks before the final surrender on May 8th, Germany was being randomly strafed with wild, low flying, fighterplanes, whos pilots had been given orders to "kill everything...
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    Poll! Since 1982

    I have been a supporter of the NPD since 1982 and have attended several meetings while in Germany. We also have the DVU, Deutsche Volksunion and the Republikaner conseravative parties. Unfortunately...
  5. Big Uproar Over Trayvon Martin Shooting

    It seems America is experiancing annother big racist uproar over the shooting of a 17 year old thug who attacked a security guard and tried to take his gun away.

    Black Militant Domestic...
  6. England biggest defect: Religion

    Every time I hear about the Islamization of London and the rest of the British isles, (not to mention all of Europe), I am reminded about the biggest single political problem facing the English...
  7. Swedish is a German dialect just like so many others

    Anyone who speaks fluent German knows full well that ALL Germanic languages are dirivatives of the Mother language called "Indo-Germanic". And todays modern German is the PUREST form of Germanic....
  8. Criminal Justice should be more precise

    When it comes to crimes committed by teenagers, the law should be required to be more precise in its judgements and not use ¨benchmarks¨. Every case must be examined and judged individually, and...
  9. Culturally very important

    "There is no romanticising or attempt by Schönwerth to interpret or develop his own style,"

    This fact is very important and adds value to the discovery, because even just 150 years ago, German...
  10. We need science

    We who take race and genetics seriously, need science. And the scientific method, as we all know, is an ongoing, ever more exploratory, dynamic process.

    As for the Jews. In their ¨Holy...
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    Many people alive today had family during those times

    The NS struggle was both a beautiful and tragic one. It was a struggle of an entire nation to raise itself up out of a condition of utter defeat and humiliation as a result of the unjust terms of the...
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    Race Trators, Wiggers and Religous Nutcases . . .

    What pisses me off? . . Race Trators, Wiggers and Religious Nutcases who think the World is about to end and we all have to kiss Israels behind because the ¨Bible¨ say we have to be graetful to these...
  13. Racist Anti-White Movement gaining momemtum . . .

    Anyone who has been unforntunate enough to have had to live near of work near large ethnically non-White neigborhoods anywhere in the USA, especially places like Oakland California, knows well about...
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    Indo-Germanic in the broader sense . ..

    As a student of history and linguistics, I consider ALL White Europeans to B closely related. Kelts and Slavs fall under the heading Indo-European; a term synonomous with Indo-Germanic. I also...
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    Why not?

    I think it is a great idea. Station all the latest weapons technology on our soil. Who knows, maybe someday the rightful owners will forget about the stuff. I am sure we Germans will take good care...
  16. Thread: Slogans?

    by Ekonhammer

    Save Western Civilization

    How about "Save Western Civilization! It is the only civilization you have got!"


    "Do we really need Sharia Law here?"


    "Don't allow the 12th Century to overtake the 21st: Resist...
  17. America: A dying idea

    Unfortunately, it seems, todays Americans are growing less and less worthy of the great intellectual feat their "Founding Fathers" created for them. As America becomes more and more Third-World-like,...
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    Poll! No deadlier poison

    There is no deadlier poison than tobaco and its lethal nicotine. One of the greatest, and most digusting punishments Germany has had to endure is the re-popularization of this foul weed following the...
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    This is so true Dr Solar

    U R so right, Dr Solar, and the "sheeple" need to wake up to this fact:

    Government do not exist for the benefit of the governed. They exist just like corporations: For their own profit and...
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    An old and well known tactic.

    We Germans know well of this tactic. Bands of Turks, and other Middle-Easterners go about beating up elderly on our streetcars and in our subway system and beat and rob German youth on the way home...
  21. You said it !

    And what is more: Most of the evidence presented against these aging old soldiers is vague, pulled from the cobwebs of aged "witnesses", politically motivated, and enlivened by revenge impulse.
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    Ron Paul is the ONLY honest man running!

    Ron Paul is the only man running who recognizes how the American Tax Payer is being lied to and ripped-off. All the useless bloodshed! Are Americans really that passive in front of their governing...
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    The Saxons of the Isle of Albion

    The "English" are a Germanic people because their genetic heritage is made up mostly of Skandinavian and Saxon roots. The original people of all Europe were ofcourse the Kelts and Proto-Kelts of...
  24. Very simple, ISLAM is the problem

    Of all the many non European ethnic hoards which currantly make themselves wide and heavy in the midst of our lovely Germany, it are the groups who swear fielty to "ALLAH" who are the most painful to...
  25. Poll! One must understand the historical context under...

    One must understand the historical context under which the NS movement came about. Capitalism had completely collapsed in 1929-1930. The economic upheavals shook the entire Western World to its...
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