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    The Shocking Cost of US 'Mega-Dairies'

    The Ecologist travels to California to examine intensive milk production - and finds factory farms, conflict, intimidation, pesticides, pollution and small-scale farmers driven out of business...
  2. Asian Factory Farming Boom Spreading Animal Diseases Like Avian Influenza

    I knew this already - you'd have to be an idiot not to know that these diseases come from Asia as a result of them not giving a crap about animal welfare and because they eat anything.

  3. Important!  Transylvania: Could This 'Lost in Time' Land Be the Future of European Agriculture?

    Sounds perfect...

    Transylvania has maintained traditional farming methods for hundreds of years. As it faces the twin threats of intensive agriculture and byzantine EU policies, its model of...
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    The British Hippy Who Became an Imam

    Forty years after following the hippy trail to South Asia, John Butt is still living in the region, and still spreading a message of peace and love - though now as an Islamic scholar.

    As our car...
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    The Boy Who Was Raised a Girl

    Well they were wrong. Trying to 'over-ride'nature is a bad idea. I can't believe they were so sure of themselves and that their little 'experiment' would actually work!

    When anyone has a...
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    Have there been any opposition marches by white...

    Have there been any opposition marches by white people relating to all this..? I was just thinking about the 71 % who were in favour of the legislation...
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    Could You Stay Silent for Eight Days?

    Turn off your mobile phone.

    Switch off the television, forget about checking your computer (after reading this article of course), turn off the hi-fi, shut the windows and stop the dishwasher and...
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    What has spirituality got to do with wearing a...

    What has spirituality got to do with wearing a burka...??! Wearing a burka nowadays is more a political statement than anything else.
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    Stone Tools 'Change Migration Story'


    A research team reports new findings of stone age tools that suggest humans came "out of Africa" by land earlier than has been thought.

    Geneticists estimate that migration from...
  10. Urgent Call on EU to Stop Billion-Euro 'Alien Invasion'

    Well, if only that was taken to apply to all of them, and not just referring to plants and animals...

    I wonder how many of you read the title and thought it was referring to something else,eh??!...
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    Jews and Arabs fighting each other in Germany....

    Jews and Arabs fighting each other in Germany. Whatever next...? Pity they couldn't all just be sent back to their respective countries. I can't stand either of them...
  12. Pope Adviser Calls the UK a 'Third World Country'

    And indeed it is!
    Interesting that the article, of course, has to mention that he's 'German-born'. I'm sure many people will have something to say about that and his comments (roll eyes)...

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    Excellent post. Recently, I have noticed that...

    Excellent post. Recently, I have noticed that there are a lot more blacks attending university than several years ago. I wonder whether entry standards have been lowered to accept them. I'm not sure...
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    Hello and welcome!

    Hello and welcome!
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    Madison Grant and the Racialist Movement

    Very interesting article...

    Perhaps more than any other man, Madison Grant created what we might call the “racialist moment” in American history. This was the period beginning approximately with...
  16. Who cares? He was nothing but a low-life junkie...

    Who cares? He was nothing but a low-life junkie scumbag. He even killed a cat once.How low can you get? I couldn't care less about him or his heritage He obviously had bad genes anyway...
  17. Britain's Youngest Mum: Pregnant at 11 Will Fight to See Her Daughter

    Tressa Middleton's pregnancy four years ago shocked the nation when she admitted having sex while drunk and spoke of her excitement at becoming a mother.

    Now the Scot is 16 and fighting for the...
  18. I also signed. I wish you good luck.

    I also signed. I wish you good luck.
  19. It's the time factor. I tend just to post...

    It's the time factor. I tend just to post interesting articles i come across, rather than writing my opinion on a discussion...hence why i've been a member for a few years now, but haven't posted...
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    Important!  Stakkels dreng! I really found it quite sad and...

    Stakkels dreng!
    I really found it quite sad and scary at the same time. It made me fesl angry that this has been allowed to happen - an invasion...
  21. Arizona Law Threatens Ethnic Studies Courses Tailored to Immigrants' Children

    A new Arizona law banning the teaching of lessons that "promote overthrowing the US government", aimed at heavily Hispanic school districts, has reignited the controversy over race and the state's...
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    Neo-Nazi Terror Plot Father and Son Jailed

    A neo-Nazi who made the poison ricin and plotted to overthrow the government has been jailed for 10 years.

    Police found the deadly chemical when they raided Ian Davison's home in Burnopfield,...
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    Why Criminals Love the 500 Euro Note

    Of course, in this case, it was some eastern european gang (or at least a woman with an eastern european name...)

    In some countries they're known as "Bin Ladens" - the banknote everybody...
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    Sounds like an April Fool joke...

    Sounds like an April Fool joke...
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    Nature Loss 'to Damage Economies'

    It makes me so mad - everything else is in decline and on the verge of extinction, and yet humans (well - not Europeans anyway, mainly the blacks, hispanics and others who seem to breed like rabbits)...
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