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  1. Important!  Please change my username from Slå ring om Norge...

    Please change my username from Slå ring om Norge to Hoarsewhisper. Thanks. :)
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    Tool to clean cut circle

    The individual reflects society and vice versa

    Any modus operandi that leads to clear cut and tidying the circle may help, so I hands over this key, and it is no "maybe" or "perhaps" about it......
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    More here, listen to this, (2 minutes)...

    More here, listen to this, (2 minutes)`s a matter of the welfare, security and stability of the tribe, we cannot save the world, but we may save...
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    Those of us that were known activists were about...

    Those of us that were known activists were about stripped for rights of justice, we were allowed to to anything against if they just called us "nazi" first. One example, a certain hospital in Norway...
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    Keep on trucking

    New winds sweeps over old Europe, winds made of the breath of those that have risen and speaks the free word...

    What we was condemned as paria for saying 10 years ago, is commonly accepted to say...
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    Definitively, but

    The civilian invasion is the major question in our time and in Skadi this fatal threath have been duly considered for more than 10 years, so yes, one considers with confronting the important social...
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    The Time Spirit and

    Is in touch with the Time Spirit or does it repeatedly go in ring about where it was 10 years ago?
  8. Racism Against White People Increasing

    Racism against white people is increasing at both sides of the Atlantic. It is also still for the most systematical denied by mainstream press and authorities.

    Racism against whites has surged to...
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    To be honest I hate many politicans
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    Poll! -Too much hate sets us lower than those we...

    -Too much hate sets us lower than those we hate...

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    Good to see you :)

    Good to see you :)
  12. Pick a Favorite Poetry Line and Share with Us?

    A single sentence, or two, picked from our limitless gardens of poetry...?

    Share a line or two from a poem here, and please enclose link to the whole poem, we may want more

    A poetry line or...
  13. The juridical lines are quite clear in Norway and...

    The juridical lines are quite clear in Norway and does one keep inside of these frames one do not get juridical problems or police razzias. However media and Facebook have a lower tolerance for free...
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    I made this wallpaper design especially for the migration authorities, our mental hospitals and the asylum centers... I guess they dont want it... Good I got reminded by this thread, as it is going...
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    Glass door - From the Garden of Eros

    I made this, "From the Garden of Eros" as a glass door for a sauna at a luxury cabin. It`s made by clipping and pasting some of my old ink drawings at the topic. Printed at "frosted glass foil" and...
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    Progressive or Regressive?

    What do you think are the markers that signifies progressive political ideas from regressive political ideas?

  17. Important!  Kong Nor

    The saga of Nor, Gor and Goe

    Torfæus on the mytical kong Nor

    The sagas origin are estemated to around anno 200, and is our oldest saga, as Kong Nor is our first king. The myth is also called...
  18. Yep, the god of order, law and war have all kind...

    Yep, the god of order, law and war have all kind of strange equivalences.
    Ogun of the Ibos in western Africa have incredibly many similarities with Odin. Not so strange, societies need law and rule...
  19. Interesting, I disagree, but the thought chains...

    Interesting, I disagree, but the thought chains have the quality of creativity...

    Njordr being male?

    I do not believe that the gods could care less about humans views and standards on sexuality...
  20. Purgatory and the Last Chapter of Der Steppenwolf

    European authorities ability to keep law and order is shrinking like a penis in ice cold water day by day.

    Sooner or later the ability to keep a relative law and order and to protect the citizens...
  21. Northern Korea is also "The happiest nation in the world"...

    New "report" says that Norway is "the most happy land in the world"???

    It`s a tragical joke. Take the subway in the capital Oslo and one will be soaked in aggression, hate, fear and retarded...
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    Survival of the Fittest?

    A few european nations like Poland, Czech and Hungary will easy survive as nations with own cultures and dominating their own countries, by simply sticking to their course and to not be influenced by...
  23. Desinformation on life quality

    Thanks for bringing attention to the topic.

    It may be that Sweden is the best country in the world for 3.rd world immigrant females...

    However ethnical Swedish females are more or less stripped...
  24. With Chinese brains and African bodies

    Chinas proposal to Iran and the under table proposals to Turkey are interesting. Also the chinese activities on giant infrastructure projects in Africa are interesting. On can go far with chinese...
  25. The turks have by this decleared Europe open war,...

    The turks have by this decleared Europe open war, and with fast breeding "civilians" as weapons

    Unfortunatley we are run by stupid females of all sexes that are not able to get their heads out of...
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