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  1. To much!

    Guys, thats realy to much, 90-year old man gets jailed for life yust to show that we ( Evropa germans ) are steal izrael and u.s.a slaves, thats to much my frends and what will anyone do abouth such...
  2. Street war

    Beiing a biker and member of "Satans brothers" moto club i can only relay on what is going on in Denmark, since we are having the same problems in Slovenia with bosnian muslim emigrants who thinks...
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    Fathers guilt

    And so what, my grandfather was also a proud and loyal member of 7 SS Gebirgs division Prinz Eugen and i know, becourse he told me, he comited some acts that he was not proud of but on the other hand...
  4. Wiesenthal

    Greath post Ahnenerbe!

    Abouth Simon Wiesenthal i must only add that he was a tricky person who used scames and fake documents to compromise some of wheal known and prominent germans / austrians...
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    Hallo from Stayermark!

    Hallo guys, my nick name is Demien ( acualy that is my sons name, yea well... ) and i come from a small, acualy a tiny country located betwen Austria, Hungary and Slovenia ( who claimes the autority...
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