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  1. History Channel UK to air Barbarians series in April

    Detailed info:

    BARBARIANS: The Goths
    Fleeing the rampaging Huns, the Goths turned to Rome for...
  2. Project for Skadi Volunteers: Anthropological Map of Germany

    This is an idea I had been thinking for some time now and that's perfect for Divide Germany into 50x50 km grids and select one town in each grid. Then, a group of volunteers goes to each...
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    Re: Classify Cyrus the Great

    In people such as the one pictured above, is the "extremeness" of the nose due to the nose itself, or is the whole facial area around the eyes set back further into the skull relative to the lower...
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    Re: Classify Slovakian Girl

    Dude, you're a little creepy, posting all these suggestive pics of people you haven't seen in a long while (so I guess you didn't ask them if it was ok to post their pics here, huh).

    What can I...
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    Re: Classify a beauty pageant

    The contours on these maps are so finely detailed, but isn't the data supporting it much more choppy? From looking at this map, you...
  6. Re: Tuscany's Etruscan claim knocked

    Euclides posted the link to the original 2004 Etruscan dna study in this thread:

    On re-reading it, the conclusions that Etruscans are most...
  7. Re: Tuscany's Etruscan claim knocked

    "It could be that the skeletons from which we extracted the DNA belonged to an elite group that did not spread demographically," Barbujani said.

    This could be like the Aryans invading India...
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    Re: Was Günter right about Iberians?

    Mathematics proves that Iberians and North Africans have hardly mixed.

    The male half of the equation:

    Spaniards and Moroccans share haplogroup E3b. It's present at 9% in Spaniards and 71% in...
  9. Re: Question about the settlers of the Falkland islands

    I just realized that there's a big difference in the case of the Boer's: the men married local women. In the Falkland Islands, the indians (IF they existed) were men. When you have socially higher...
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    Re: AW: Re: Classify these "white-skinned" pakistanis..

    I have the idea that there are 2 very different people living in Pakistan. One are the Pashtuns and Tadjiks and others who live in the mountains. They have that typical Afghan look (long thin nose,...
  11. Fun Map: What Europe might have looked like racially 15,000 years ago

    This is a fun little race map, and shouldn't be taken too seriously. I guesstimated what Europe might have looked like racially 15,000 years ago.

  12. Question about the settlers of the Falkland islands

    I have recently read that the Boers of South Africa have 5-10% black ancestors, and that this was due to the circumstances in which they lived 100 years ago.

    This all reminded me of some stuff I...
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    Re: Classify Björk

    Can you post the pics to the other pages with Tina Turner and the rest? I don't speak Italian and/or can't understand the menu of that site.

    BTW, Freddy Mercury so far was the most... something,...
  14. Re: Do Lombards (or north Italians) have a distinctive birthmark on their back?

    Is it ok for me to repost this in an anthropology sub-forum? When I first posted, I didn't know where it would be more appropriate to ask.
  15. Do Lombards/North Italians) have a distinctive birthmark on their back?

    My father went to the doctor for a checkup and as the doctor looked at his back he asked if he was of Lombard ancestry. My father said yes and the doctor explained that he had a telltale birthmark in...
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