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  1. Arabic is first language in six of nine preschools in Ronneby, Sweden

    Since newly arrived migrants and their families tend to live in just a few areas in the...
  2. Danish teen attacked by nine men who tried to force him the railroad tracks in Islamized suburb

    Unprovoked, racially-motivated attacks against native European teens by migrant gangs are an...
  3. German engineer leaves €7 million fortune to nationalist populist AfD party

    A German engineer has bequeathed his €7 million fortune, including gold and property, to the...
  4. Flower Still Life and Landscape Paintings by Austrian Impressionist Olga Wisinger-Florian Wisinger-Florian (1844 - 1926) is one of the most important Austrian female artists of the 19th century...
  5. The New York Times’ Assault on White Americans

    Dean Baquet, the executive editor of the presstitute New York Times, announced on August 12, 2019, the “1619...
  6. Germany: 12 members of an extreme-right terror network arrested over plot to spark ‘civil war-like situation’

    Police in Germany conducted nationwide raids on Friday which resulted in the arrests of 12...
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    A Look at Mexico’s Southern Border

    The Suchiate River needs as much protection as the Rio Grande.
    The post A Look at Mexico’s Southern Border appeared first on American Renaissance.

  8. Greta’s new climate protest buddy – a serious criminal and gangster rapper

    Greta Thunberg on Friday organized the climate protest “Fridays for Future“ in central...
  9. Fifty cars torched in Umeĺ, Sweden on Friday night

    Police in Umeĺ, Sweden at around 10 o’clock on Friday night were alerted to a fire in a...
  10. UK: Muhammad was the most popular baby name for the 3rd consecutive year in 2019

    A list of the most popular newborn baby boy names in the United Kingdom was recently published by a site...
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    Missing Coronavirus Journalist’s Call for National Revolution Against Communism China using the Coronavirus situation to mercilessly stamp out a national revolution? Is it merely a...
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    The Real Global Crisis

    Readers may be familiar with the American Renaissance collection, A...
  13. Ofcom and Social Media: the Beginning of the End of Free Speech

    Boris Johnson, like Trump, is a phony populist. His political stepping stone to the position of PM was Brexit....
  14. Sweden Democrat MP to minister: Why won’t you admit that racism against the native Swedes exists?

    Voice of Europe earlier this week reported on the shocking incident that occurred last...
  15. ‘I’m Ashamed of our History’: Church of England is ‘Still Deeply Institutionally Racist’ says Archbishop of Canterbury

    The Archbishop of Canterbury has expressed his shame after admitting that the Church of England remains “deeply institutionally racist,” insisting that they must change the “hostile environment” for...
  16. The “Spiritual Redoubt” Has Fallen

    The Church of England’s diversity theology.
    The post The “Spiritual Redoubt” Has Fallen appeared first on American Renaissance.

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    Bombs on Britain

    Dr. A.R. Wesserle
    16 March 1981

    PBS Television
    „The Blitz“

  18. How to Fight Back Against ‘Cancel Culture’

    Douglas Murray, The Spectator, January 25, 2020

    ‘Cancel culture’ is a horrible term because outside of a dictatorship nobody can actually be ‘canceled’ or otherwise ‘disappeared’. All that can...
  19. Sweden: 88-year-old Rolf is homeless while migrants get everything for free

    Swedish independent journalist Joakim Lamotte recently interviewed a nearly 90-year-old...
  20. UK: Anti-human academic proposes ‘final solution’ to climate change

    A far-left academic at the University of Cambridge whose work has repeatedly demonized white,...
  21. Cases of gender dysphoria in Swedish teenage girls up 1,500 percent since 2008

    The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare says that the number of cases of gender dysphoria among...
  22. The Enigmatic Illustrations of Walter Einbeck by the website German Art Gallery as one of the most prominent “Court Painters of the Nazis”...
  23. 10 Things You May Think Are Healthy, But Probably Aren’t

    By Alanna Ketler

    1. Antibacterial Soap & Hand Sanitizer

    Many people are under the impression that using...
  24. Danish integration minister: Immigration has led to a less free society

    Denmark’s Minister for Immigration, Integration, and Housing recently said during an interview...
  25. Swedish communist: The Left abandoned the working class for multiculturalism and LGBT issues

    Former members of the Communist Party in Sweden plan to build a new Socialist worker’s party...
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