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    AW: Re: AW: Human rights

    You may call it paranoid nonsense, but then I ask you, have you ever looked at the facts? Jesus was a jew, Paulus was a jew, Marx was a jew, Lenin was a jew (later converted) and on the...
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    AW: Human rights

    Law is something, that exists within a marked-off community and that governs the lives of its members. Do you believe in the "world community" or the "human community"? If not, there can be no "human...
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    AW: Evil = Sin

    What is evil and what is sin? Just a matter of definition. As Oski allready wrote, sin didn't exist in the germanic heathen culture. There were crimes against the custom laws, the tribe and treason,...
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    Important! Poll! AW: Christianity not for Germanics?

    Christianity is not for Germanics, who want to stay germanic and who hold up germanic values. The latter is the most important and the point, where it can be shown best, how Christianity differs from...
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    AW: Atheists Battle Against Religion

    Atheists battle against religion? This must be a joke. Atheism is just another religion. They believe that there exist no Gods, higher powers and spirits, but they can't prove it. The atheistic...
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    AW: Re: South Africa Expropriates First Farm

    Because it is their land. This is the land on which their ancestors lived, worked and created civilization, culture and infrastructure, where just wilderness was before they came. This was not the...
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    AW: Franks and Deutschland!

    The Franks were confederation of germanic tribes. They conquered the gallic provinces, which were inhabited by a celto-romanic population. The Franks were too few, to have an impact and so the native...
  8. AW: Zulu historian's murder reignites fears over violence in South Afr

    I wonder how many victims of these 20 000+ murders per year are black or white. This huge rate of killings seems like a hidden ethnic clensing campaign by blacks on whites to me. But of course I have...
  9. AW: Re: German Mistrust of Muslims and Islam Grows

    Well. the "experts" have to say what the political elite wants to hear. After the "experts" have spoken, the politcal elite supports their politics with their studies, because they are just doing...
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    AW: Sheik: Muslims 'entitled to Australia'

    This just proves again, that muslims are people without any sense for honor and decency. You can't do them anything good and expect to be rewarded. If you do them anything good, they won't reward it...
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    AW: Austrians: The Ugliest People of Europe?

    Everybody, who knows Austria a bit, knows that this statement is plain wrong. Austrians are racemixing like all the other Europeans, they are no exception. But this doesn't make them look more...
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    AW: Re: here comes the Light

    Yea, but what is civilization? Enslaving the whole world and making profit? I can spare this "civilization". It is just funny, that although the germanics were such "backward people", they still...
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    AW: Re: "Israel's days are numbered"

    Yes, but it's their country and whatever laws they have is their own business. As long as Iran does not try to force its own laws and ethics on other nations, there should be no problem. USA and...
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    AW: Re: AW: Re: AW: Re: AW: Re: AW: Re: AW: Swedish Welfare State Collapses as Immigr

    To be honest, I think monarchy is as much as germanic as multiculturalism. Germanics used to be armed farmers, every free man and woman equal, only discriminated by personal honor, prowess and...
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    Sine Nomine on Monarchism

    I don't think that monarchy is a possibility. I don't know german nobility very well, but I don't think that anybody of them has the ability, the charisma and the legitimacy to rule. The first...
  16. AW: Re: AW: Re: AW: Re: AW: Swedish Welfare State Collapses as Immigrants Wage War

    Yes, but that sounds more easily than reality is. To realize the problems is one thing, but to do something against it, is another thing. Nobody really knows what to do. The democratic system doesn't...
  17. AW: Re: AW: Re: AW: Swedish Welfare State Collapses as Immigrants Wage War

    That's not the fault of the social democrats. Every reform she is willing to do would not solve the problem, even if she would govern us alone. The reforms that are necessary are out of the borders...
  18. AW: Re: AW: Swedish Welfare State Collapses as Immigrants Wage War

    This is an obvious fact. Denying is no option anymore.

    I don't think, that she is handling things very skilled. There is no improvement for the working population, quite the contrary.

  19. AW: Swedish Welfare State Collapses as Immigrants Wage War

    To understand this whole situation, one must know that muslim immigrants don't respect weakness. This is a cultural thing. Whereas northern-european children are trained to pacifism, altruism and...
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    AW: Europe's tolerance finds its limit

    Well we don't have colonies, but the Turks have come to Germany to stay. In the past they came just for working, but now they have a new mission: Islamisation of Germany. They have several...
  21. AW: Far-right party calls for Jews to join war on Islam

    The multiculturalism ideology, from which we suffer so much today, is a Jewish invention, based on Christian principles of equality of men and pacifism. In Europe there have been several...
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    Important!  AW: One third of all European children will be born to Muslim families by 2025

    Well we shouldn't do as if Christianty has nothing to do with anti-racism and multiculturalism. In fact Christianity has no problem with these ideologies that will destroy Europe like we know it....
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    AW: Asian woman fetish: The fact and the fiction

    What I have noticed for myself is, that whenever I find an asian woman attractive, I just found her attractive because she had many european features. The "real" mongoloid women I never found...
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    AW: Official LOTR Thread

    LOTR is a nice story, but it draws its magic from germanic and celtic myth and real historical events. Only a few know that Tolkien was inspired by the "Saga of Hervor and King Heidrek", which has as...
  25. Important!  AW: The Rape of Europe

    Even if he is a Jew, does this automatically mean that he is not right?
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